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in Medicare. States will be requested to implement as
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The Warren Triennial Prize. This prize was founded by the late
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person who is condemning the one and extolling the other has had very
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From the Department of Radiology, Long Island Jewish-Hillside
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reaches a certain thickness, it may be difficult to
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Tuberculin: In the Nezv York Medical Journal for January 20, Solomon
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Asia and in northern Africa, known as kala-azar. During the same year
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, ,^' ?!"'*' "y*" "*'=''•"»«?" to teke it either by the hind
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rather than in the winter. However, all these factors are not suffi-
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A comparison of the two chemical formulas shows that the
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theoretical side in this paper but simply to emphasize the value
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To divide a walk into blocks use a cleaver to cut throarh the
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Flexner's serum, by repeated injections of living virulent cultures of B.
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Headaches of nasal origin resemble somewhat other reflex
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Cleveland, the testicle descended into the perineum some time
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obstacle to proper regulation since the dispensary has shown the
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military; $100 registered nurses; Complimentary: stu-
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though their patients could ill afford the expense, it is oppor-
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only through careful separation of infants from cases of tuber-
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approved by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry The
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usually irregular, with at times several sudden rises accompanied by a
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interesting to note that he again had a remission, but less com-
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that epinephrin is present in the adrenal blood, without attempting to offer
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“In our experience CISCA combination chemotherapy
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to means of relief. Attention was called to the intra- and extra-rectal
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Karrey Associates, agency for Execu-Med, 23-25 East 26th St„ New Yo
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shown that seleniumeosin has a definite affinity for cancer cells, the
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excited and worried physician, or in the absence of a physician, by a
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similar agents giving promise in other conditions, as trvparo-
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the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Asso-
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symptoms have occurred or when they have been absent or un-
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enough, but give me strength and leisure and zeal to en-
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testicle was placed in the undeveloped side of the scrotum, which
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tum was found lying over the aponeurosis of the external oblique,
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of the thoracic and abdominal organs such as hyperplasia of the lymph-
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who are received in the general wards with the adults.
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For a cistern, say six feet in diameter and seven feet high the
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Endocarditis with dilatation of heart on July 6. Temperature returned to
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almost mobbed on account of one of his earliest hysterectomies