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oversleep, while others have sighed for the want of it.

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taken cold through a straw. To the milk is added one-half a

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ether is required. Of course, it proves nothing regarding compara-

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furnished the means for your relief: come to her fountains and be healed.

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enough to bother her except for short periods. The morning ex-

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expressionless eyes, and their always pale and sickly skins.

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very thin platy crystals, perfect in shape, with the peculiar feature,

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Hair distribution: The scalp is covered with coarse, oily,

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No doubt under the light of former physiological knowlege it was

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The small pocket above the site of the left tonsil which had

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marble basin, or pool of pure water, through which flows a stream. This is sur-

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press upon the semen his or her peculiar qualities, and govern the character of the