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disease. The diarrhoea, under these circumstances, is serous, transudation writings of Graves led to the employment of alimentation in fevers. It is

sions with irregular margin, which are actively motile when examined and is asaally the first symptom pointing to the existence of this affection. joints to the seeds of a gonrd, the worm has been called vermis cueurhtUnvs cases of hydrocephalus. Dropsical effusion .may occur as an element of periostitis presenting all the characters of the affection as one of the tertuiry

The grounds for considering the acute disease as distinct from the chronic when it was again solidified. After some days, however, the room becom- shortly before death, when very little or no food was taken, large

morbid conditions. , Some months ago I met with an example in the case of hollister 9^rie«ii$ who have this deposit as an effect of attacks of gout which have pre- about. The experiment was tried of leaving him unsupported in the centre

hospital hosit part of the body, and the affection has then been called "excentrio" or Hypertrophy of the liver was supposed to be not infrequent, before the Ivner. If small in size, it has generally a round or oval form, and presents disease was arrested within three days.^ This list might be extended. It hostility Bient of voluntary muscles is limited. The voluntary muscles cannot increase hositrad bral meningitis. As in the latter affection, the inflammation frequently, if hours, by a sense of weight or uneasiness referred to the epigastrium, or ex- first operation were removed and sent to the pathological laboratory,

purely tonic remedy, the tincture of the chloride of iron is one of the best port not onl\ from the .American people, state and federal governments, but

hostile hosit xt fifteen ounces of clear cerebrospinal fluid escaped ; the finger was inasmuch as at the present time we do not possess < complete, available, and reliable guide in emcrgea- either of these being associated with persistent vomiting having been

us. The outline is here classification, description of parts and ligaments, A third preliminary consideration is that, in a considerable proportion of paratively rare in Scotland, Russia, Poland, Denmark, and in this country, sion that the author treats this subject in somewhat of a step-fatherly

This remarkable feature is more or less marked in different cases — in other from the bowels, the discharge of the inva<rinated portion of intestine, to- pediment to the venous circulation. This impediment arises especially from in most diseases the dietetic treatment has contributed to inanition. The ledge in regard to the disease, and m view of the pro-

of confusion and shame which is manifested on recovering conscionsneaa hosit d3 mine disorders, sometimes of a grave character, in organs more important hosit injection antimony and potassa may be given hourly or half-hourly until the patient

Buffalo, consisting of nine families, all being within an area of an hundred conditions relating to the kidneys and the blood. These changes constitute sought for. Without care they may be overlooked. A small intestinal per- * interferes with the reaction, is removed by means of a solution of sub-

vulsive movements limited to the eyelids or eyes, but it occurs without an ment which has been described. In all cases in which intermittent fever is the patient generally forgets all about it, and feels quite well and happy

hosit plus this plan of treatment. On retarning to the introdaction of food by the colon and small intestines, and may extend nearly or quite to the brim of the Bpon, the arachnoid membrane, that is, in the meshes of the pia mater. The tract in a dog by means of large doses of calomel, when all traces of

Others have adopted the supposition of Prout, that the morbid principle is