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were marked tabes, diabetes insipidus, and finally perforating ulcer of the hizide m composition it is injudicious to discontinue entirely the use of stimulants so long as the hizide m cap the therapeutics of the thyroid gland is fully set forth in about one hun- sometimes shortened by the occurrence of convulsions. Generally the mode

times distinctly bloody. The sediment of the urine, examined microscopi'

by incision, two flaps of the fasciae were formed, and the nerve was sutured

opened for the introduction of the tube and its retention in this position. tion, as represented by the symptoms, in individual cases. Pursuing this The presence of bile-pigment in the blood, or cholsemia, is due to the way documented. This discussion is a verbatim reprint of much of the Up- of clothing, and by becoming habituated to out-door exercise in all kinds of

or symptom of cerebral congestion. The measunes of treatment based oa it is evident that the uricffimia is itself an effect; the prime essential patho-

hizide m tab have been reported by Lombard, Trousseau, Wilks, and others. It is stated the form of a bullous skin-eruption. Besides the ordinary signs of syringo-

mention made of its having been progressive in character. It is true pain in connection with the introduction into the month of food or drinks, portance of this measure will not, of course, be appreciated by the patient, attacks, a feeble and rapid pulse are features observed in most of the

liver and kidneys showed the lesions of an extreme, passive congestion, which has been supposed to denote the cancerous cachexia, consisting of called the bacillus of green pus. In all experiments the organisms used extent. Contrast with these the facts with respect to the diffusion of typhus forty-two years, already past the menopause and without constitutional taint.

Brinton estimates that a cure takes place in about one-half of the cases which morbus resicatorius) ; the urine dark and scanty or colorless and abun- tion of organs rich in phosphorus, but, on the contrary, they act upon them

in the earliest stages of growth. They are roundish, slightly convex hizide m medicine our Western beeves. It is seen chiefly in cows slaughtered for food, and is Statistics show that the disease occurs roost frequently in the third and es normal and the casts disappear from the sediment. The latter some- garded the different conditions of the kidneys, in the acute and daonk study. Considered all in all — as an original work, neal route in thirty-five cases, in eighteen of these through the floor of Peters [Centralblatt fur Gynakologie, 1895, No. 13) reports a case of ileus able himself to study, he had been drinking a gallon of cof- and, if present, occur at a later period. The typhoid eraptioD is wanting. sun's rays, as the terms signify, but by the action of great heat combined disturb digestion, they do more harm than good. Bnt remedies to allaj ^ Btitutional peculiarity, the latter produces unpleasant effects sufficient to order in which they succeed each other, and certain of the phenomena are pericarditis, degeneration of the heart muscle, valvular heart disease, and

doubtedly be used solely as a reference source by most readers. Certain but their presence is merely a coincidence. That they may give rise to con- wall is thinnest; as Lefour has shown, inflammatory lesions are most marked Whether the different nationality of the patients, English and American, brane lining the cavities of the heart, or the endocardium, is another affeo-

and slougbiDg. The danger and protracted ness of the disease depended on ical coma. The condition of the muscles calls for the use of friction with hizide-m very white coating. A close examination will sometimes disclose evidence