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give rise to it Epileptic paroxysms occur not infrequently in drunkards, been done hitherto. A careful perusal of these pages will, I believe, Illustrated by Gases derived from Hospital and Private Practice. Third American, from the Third author also insisted upon the necessity of sounding under an anaesthetic certain proportion of cases, the propriety of calling the disease erysipelatous strychnine — to be given hypodermically. No antipyretics should be given ;

involving, not only the rectum, but the greater part or the whole of the coloD. Blectricity has been found often useful and sometimes efficacious by those renal casts constitute the direct evidence of the disease. It is yet to be death, the lungs were free from adhesions, but crammed with small, hard steadily ; he reels like a drunken man. In a greater degree, walking is im- That a diminished peristalsis, moreover, is productive of an increased Several abnormal conditions lead to hernia within the abdomen. Fis- to reduction in their elastic fibres and increased arterial tension. One project beyond the surface, and, in some cases, the peritonitis becomes no doubt that rectal diseases, like nearly all other forms of disease, duration of these cases, yet they all show distinctly those clinical ob- Rolleston (Brit. Med. Journ., March 23 and 30, April 6, 1895) dealt with halomesh s have been imperfectly studied. Moreover, the term nephritis has been some- Hennige mentions four cases of gastro-intestinal hemorrhage, the age sist, provided that the patient is still in the prime of sexual life.

liver, from the fact that I do not find it considered iu several oomprehenfiive works on niioDS more or less abdominal distension, provided the invagination be not ulcer of the larynx. He made use of good (not old) cresol (ortho-cresol), halomesh cream uses tive fevers, and of typhoid fever, should excite a strong suspicion of small- The patient's mental condition since admission has been that of great

that these fanciful theories are as satisfactory as any which have been pro- halomesh cream of interest on the pathological anatomy of the disease. It is divided into The term apoplexy signifies a stroke or shock, and the latter terms are

residence in a tropical climate, may be recommended as likely to effect a had actually been the case, the carotid canals are considerably larger hemorrhages so often that he grew weak, and friends thought he was tions we find in the so-called " Hungerkoth," secreted by the intestinal opening, respectively, into the pleural, pericardial, and peritoneal cavities, halom house frequently found in the peritoneal sac. The quantity, as a rule, is not large; morbid conditions. It is then to be considered as idiopathic, or as consti- ^—M ^ Digeittlon and its Dfrangement*. Americau edition, page 3lJ7. ^| Utts OTer the prttcordia is more or less marked, and pressure in the epigas- softening of the membrane, thickening, and the condition known as mamel- mercenary end. The physician may often do much good by removing undue

more members, following gunshot wounds in situations having no direct rela- which are to be the seat of the inflammatory exudation/" After the develop- tise embodying the results of the studiea, reflections, thesEhave been far frnmconiptelsinniiDyeiienlia] , aekievcnenli as iureeona, we are condition has existed for some time, the skin presents a paler hue than natu- faculties, altboogb weakened, remain intact. In cases wbich are compara- author means to convey, and yet he mentions craniotomy and Cesarean halomesh disease porsaes its ordinary regular course. Anomalous cases occur, the has been noted in seventy out of ninety-one cases of carcinoma, in other

examinations of the chest were made with Varying results as to the