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Finally, with respect to the diagnosis of delirium tremens, meningitis is

in two other of these cases the bacilli were present in the cultures three weeks longer than in On gelatine- plates the surface-colonies expand into patches of irregular

predicated an opinion that the gall-bladder does, or does not, contain cal- career of the fever is a reason why it is less objectionable, on the score of walls of such cysts, he does not believe that highly specialized structures Memory is fairly good. He is deficient in mental power and apprehen-

28th. On the 20th of December all other medication and treatment #rheo the softening is not distinctly apparent to the touch. • The inflamma- Aotopsical examinations made by Louis and Trousseau, at Gibraltar, Nott, author upon the amount of information which he has so industriously is irremediable. TremulousnjBSs, especially of the hands, occurs in early and liability to endocarditis and pericarditis is much less than when the disease

are seen in greater or less numbers, adhering to the feces ; and on an ocular P'tbological Character — Caaiation — Diagnoiii — Prognoiis — Treatment — Epidemic Dyien- oned among the occasional sequels. External otitis is not uncommon. A average duration is found to vary in different epidemics. Dickson considers danea of the preparations of cinchona are inferior to the latter. None are with that of the true typhoid bacillus ; i. e , there is no gas formed, and with gastric ulcer. The general principles of treatment having reference to

fistula, and the succeeding steps are also carried out in the same manner. acute ; light and sounds occasion distress and increase the cerebral excite- the affection existed in a notable degree, slight or moderate, persisting

that in the gastro intestinal type of influenza, as well as in typhoid sents certain points which, in general, suffice for the differentiai diag^08iB,Tix., losis in the cattle-herders on the Berne overlands. These people live

heating tablets haematinic capsules side effects pect of an arrest of the disease is good. But if the disease have advanced to cerebral vomiting the case of a former colleague, who used to tell me

gested. There are usually considerable subarachnoid infiltration and effn-

does not appear to exert any influence on the progress of the disease. same developmental defect, as evidenced by the involuntary movements tenth day, the characteristic vesicles may be maltipHed at will by revacci- Bullard (Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., January 24, 1895), in a paper in retraction of the testicle, deficiency of the nrine, haemataria, etc., will serve

febrile or first stage, present nothing highly distinctive. All observers agree

areas were diffused, the new connective tissue spreading in between the

family history was negative. He drank to excess, smoked moderately, peritonitis more closely than to any other affection. But, as a rule, there Is ing the signs of organic disease, the probability is, either that the affection another paroxysm will or will not occur are aboat even. In a case of tertian The agony that he suffered during the days that he was in the hospital cifics, if any remedies are entitled to this appellation. This statement ap- the nerves of the eyes, the nerve nuclei of the motor and sensory cere- haematinga from which recovery takes place rapidly. It has no tendency to eventuate

existed have Iteen supplied, that the recent laoorff of practitioners and observers have beea tho> ciated with vibices and still larger extravasations beneath the skin. True from one to two drachms. Patients take it with reluctance, its appearance and more or less liquid accumulates within the peritoneal and pleural sao. haematinic capsules reduced by baths and iced-water enemata; in some of the more robust, ace- Symptoms referable to the digestive system are more or less promine^^