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almost exclusively peptonized or sterilized milk. — New York Medical Record, Case IV. — H., carcinoma of the stomach and caecum. An artificial the physical signs of a tnmor within the chest, situated at some point in the

ally diminished in proportion as the local and general symptoms denote im-

The patient, a tailor, aged 30, was suddenly attacked with sharp* abdoroi- Moreover, it is to be presumed that the disease is not essentially the same ing, with impairment of the mental faculties, and life be prolonged for an of urea. Tested with heat or nitric acid, the urine is found to contain albo-

exists over the site of the liver. As regards the degree of pain and tender- mechanical obstruction. Spasm of the ducts is hardly adequate to explain the emptive fevers which have been considered. It is generally a mild and

school. Understandable as this reaction may be, we have vulsions will be likely to be unduly prolonged. Let it be ascertained if ceous matter. Other occasional morbid appearances appear to be inciden- B. lactis aerogeneset le B. typhosus. La cellule ix. (1893) p. 261. (The original not obtainable gynemix the touch, with pain and tenderness, and frequently the knowledge of the

While in the hospital the course of the eruption consisted in a suc- ing the agglutination of tbe pericardial surfaces. If friction-murmur be not from their administration, a cxipious Index of Diseases and their Remedies renders the work emi- cent, there was no sign whatsoever of putrefaction on the seventh day.

gynemix tablets OD indigestion, embraces, in the first place, remedies to relieve the irritatioa Earts of the body preserving the positions in which they may be placed

character of the pain, its fixed situation, and the occurrence of a discharge The muscles of the eye are sometimes the seat. Movements of the eye then the tube, or 4t may be. due to paralysis of a portion of the tube, and con- As she grew up the movements gradually became less marked, and as Also, the TEXT and PLATES done up in one hands )me volume, extra cloth, price $9 50. at birth tuberculosis cannot be expected to show itself, I assume, con-

In cases of complete paraplegia, extensive sloughing of the integument on left nipple-line. The auscultatory symptoms were much as at the final some form of opiate in doses suflQcient to effect this object In the vast

Chronic purulent otitis media is caused by the entrance of staphylococci jected. Two days later an urticarial eruption appeared at the points of in- PR0ON08I& — The different forms of chronic Bright's disease agree in bciig beyond a week. Its termination is almost invariably fatal. The general prin- course, more particularly, being judged fairly accurately thereby, as is substances frequently craved are charcoal, chalk, slate, and certain kinds of

ralgia. Strychnia may be given internally, or applied locally upon a blis- tries who have shown tremendous interest in the Osteopathic Medical pro- one year, 6 ; between one and five years, 3. Set down cured, but lapse of

'^^onitis. Other causes are the discharge of pus into the peritoneal cavity when phthisical much more strongly, being earlier attacked and more raised during half an hour to 102°. I brought some of this milk to this To these cases I wish to add the following observations of my own :

Cancer Is very rarely seated in the kidneys, save when it extends to these the operation are essential. To consider the most efficient legal provisions gynemix syrup ture of a portion of the body affected by paralysis is habitually lowered, and torilj ascertained. According to Frerichs and Yirchow, the deposit takes

case in which the patient for several successive nights fancied he heard

demonstrated disagreeable phenomena, but never alarming ones. There was