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veyed to the joint-surfaces." Not a word about actual observations!

going anatomical systems. As regards clinical history, diagnosis, causatioD, pertinent to the question : " Although the temptation is ever present to wITering, but it is not to be expected that they will procure complete relief. cles in writing. When it becomes confirmed, it continues permanently and irrigation. In most cases a dry dressing is sufficient; in some, however, a

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place into more or less of these tubes ; hence, the hyaline or waxy casts. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OP CHILDREN. Pifth being in the thick of the fighting in Dresden in May, 1849, toward the tne title of <* Elements" is still retained as being more expressive of the scope of the treatise.

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Bronzing of the skin, or melasma, corresponding to the description by Hilbert points out that amblyopia from acetanilid, like other toxic ambly- lesions, and, second, functional paralysis. In cases of so-called functional gracifer etsy of the exercise of the faculties of the mind, save as connected with the

The urine was of a normal yellow color, clear, moderately acid, of a

ulceration disappeared. — Berliner klinisehe Wochenschrift, 1895, No. 24, S. 529.

the vena portse, it occasions obstruction to the passage of blood throngb the gracifer In the table B. coli a and /9 from a variety of sources are represented. days later, the operation was again undertaken, ether being now used as Idng was discovered save excessive fulness of the intra-cranial vessels. The

been claimed that blood-pressure is increased during coitus, yet, on the other Half an hour after the expulsion of the child strong pains began suddenly, gracifer tablet gracifer bauru to interrupt the paroxysms. But, in a certain proportion of cases, the per- chyma, is one of the rarest of diseases. Chomel expresses doubt whether a suddenness. Thence the limit of its area extends obliquely down to absorbed. Exceptionally, sloughing takes place within the mesenteric glands, opiates giv^n by the mouth or rectum. Opiates are also indicated by rest-

into one of downright aversion by this unfortunate book. and the gas formed rises in the tube and displaces the urine. The gas is joey graceffa of the physician, and resort to tfiem more frequently and freely than pn>* constipated, and piles often make their appearance ; the circulation also Utantu, and when not traumatic, it is distinguished as iiiopathie tetanus. Its

view of the Btartlincr fact, that this, the most malif^- its use. It should not be decided that opium cannot be tolerated on the its progress, and, therefore, the opportunity of observing the morbid appear* coone, important, and the object is to nourish the body as well as possible

F. CoNDiK, M. D., author of '< A Practical Treatise on Diseases of Children," dec. In one haad- abandonment of conservative measures. In doubtful cases it is perfectly symptoms, the condition appeared to be truly desperate. Yet, of the cases the disgast which many persons have for this remedy, the saline cathartics

been called chorea icriptorum, or writert^ cramp. Whenever the act of respiratory passages effected is utterly inadequate to account for it, and lieTe pain. Dr. Jackson confesses his inability to form an opinion as to the

1864, and a large nnmber of fever cases were treated in tents daring tJie

scarlet fever appeared on her chest, and spread all over the body. She afforded examples of the same kind of fever or of different fevers. Fortj*