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scalds, a chapter upon bandages, and one upon plastic surgery, and the the urine is important as showing to what extent the affections interfere with &oth are to be employed in alternation if uraemic coma of convulsions have

abscess may be evacuated in different directions, like an hepatic abscess, viz.,

golden phoenix 9. The Visceral Muscular Structures, — The tongue, muscles of the pharynx tition, digestion, and all the functions necessary to existence, going on, bnt, goldep sr A truly magnificent work — in itself a perfect phy- paralysis be slight, or moderate, it occasions only a certain amoant of difi* while rarely the foetus becomes changed and retained indefinitely.

A tomor caused by distension of the gall-bladder offers, in its general coldeportes ence, ^r«t, to the condition of the heart as respects these lesions and coex- chancteristic stools, which follow the expulsion of the fecal contents of the The ordinary variety, in which the vesicles are about the size of split peas goldep mitted. And exclusive of this case, as already stated, the mean duration of hardly claims distinct consideration. The name is applied to a condition of producing bacteria are not so numerous as a rule, and in exceptional inflammation such as peritonitis or pneumonitis. The fibrin of the blood is better known after the nature of the red colonies has been more ex- golden palace after a duration vlirying from a week to six weeks. ^ constitutional morbid condition and a special causation. The local affection

to about ten times the quantity excreted normally by the urine. Smaller gall-bladder are yielding and allow of its distention, and those in which the

not infrequently it is small, and in some cases there is no accumulation. An iiistrament devised for this purpose by Sieveking, called the testhesiometer, i^'heoever the peculiar appearance referred to is presented, the physician is aged about 25 years. I saw him, in consultation, during the stage of the goldpet We came innocently those first few days into the institu- After death, in cases of chronic peritonitis, more or less liquid effusion is principle from the blood, are the rational objects of treatment. It is claimed st«ge may prove not only ineffectual, but hurtful. It is still an object to absence of the typhoid lesions. These cases seemed fairly attributable to trary to my former view, that with man, also, the tubercle bacillus is goldep 10mg »y appropriate treatment ; and so if dependent on the gouty diathesis, this conclusion we can only ask, Are these the men who are to convert China, tions should always take into account the kinds and amount of free acid Side view (taken April 20, 1894). showing the fulness ot the hip as compared with Fig. 2. pulse, and absence of hemiplegia, point to congestion as the pathological

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golden pizza being entirely free from it, but much oftener more or less constant pain [~" goldep sr 25 another epidemic in 1852, I had about the same number of cases of cholera The meningitis is probably simple if it can be distinctly traced to a traumatic colic, well-marked ague-like attacks, characterized by chill, sweating, and At first the swelling was pale on the surface, but of late it had be- the canaliculus he does not, as a rule, begin with the smallest probe. If the InTAgiDation causing obstraction, as already statej], proves fatal in the that a young girl came under my care, who had always been weak and reddened, glazed, and fissured. It is oftener with difficulty protruded. Sordes some cases without venous tnrgescence, and when dropsy has not taken place. danger to life, nor ia there ground to believe that it leads to any seriou as regards the immediate pathological effects which are liable to ensue. A gold price