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tate forms and the blue color begins to fade. The diluted

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tent of serum. If the icterus index is within normal limits, the

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strain of virus in connection with continuing work on influenza

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lysin. The unit is represented by the tube containing

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tetanus antitoxin. If CL tetani is present, the unprotected animal

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After a considerable period of observation this patient's

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other methods of active immunisation ; these four, however, illustrate the

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immunity is of somewhat longer duration than the ordinary intra-uterine immunity,

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ing-room creeps a shuddering mistrust of those to whom its

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the skin, the papule ceases to be felt, the rash is that of measles ; if, on

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Allopaths have tried the salts of copper in the treatment of

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(6) Racks for Kahn tubes (flat bottom type without de-

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with dangerous collapse ; and secondly, what is more important, they

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ative process does not at least balance the normal decay, the part

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correcting the metabolic errors which find their expression in the uric acid

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tion. Alcoholism, above all, when it has permanently damaged the

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leges whose diplomas have heretofore been recognized by the

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undergo degeneration. Indeed, true and uncomplicated histological atrophy is

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this accident. Some, from their repeated attacks, have earned for

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/. Place in 0.25 percent aqueous potassium permanganate solu-

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St. George's Hospital, statistics show that thirty per cent of the

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wards she was covered with an eruption precisely similar to

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calcium phosphate mat is not broken up completely by

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lesions, which may lead to fatty degeneration in the muscles ; (/) disuse of the

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phyllin are proper diuretics to remove edema, and one or the

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series of plus marks, and any smaller reaction is called doubtful.

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objective in order to get the specimen in approximate focus before

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from the part involved with the greatest care by appliances

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making frequent trips to New York, where he consulted Drs. Gray, Hall, Vanderberg,

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eral condition of the patient seemed to be fairly satisfactory,

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the temperature readings, and an enema every second day as

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a solution of a secondary acid standard, such as sulfuric

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These are allied to mucous and hyaline degeneration. Colloid differs from

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attenuated virus, more or less empirically, but none- the less surely and

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this stage, and a nummular sputum shows that the bronchioles share in

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body cavities. An infection must be defined as a morbid change pro-

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Again, in a proving by one of Hahnemann's colleagues, we find