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to an annual rate of 2.1 per l,ooo). of whicli 7 resulted from enteric fever,

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pletely powerless. There was complete loss of the patellar

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usually but not always displays. The seasonal curves of

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all drawbacks, it rapidly grew and prospered, and it would

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meat at dinner and supper on the Sunday. They noticed

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found means (o leave his cell and fetch a log of wood, with

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min prepared according to the sodium chloride method. But

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was honoured with the presence of Professor A'irchow, of

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years later I saw her again ; the cervical spine, of course, was

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suggested itself to us was whether purification had removed

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judge of ilie efficacy of the treatment. What is the nature of

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on the question appeared in his journal, anti vaccinators

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slightly below the average ; in London the deatlirate from this disease

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poisoning, and, like arsenical poisoning, is capable of being

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fessors of Practice of Phytic, Materia Medica. Pathology, and Gyno?colo?y