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tion are well known to the profession. Whenever these arise,
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got easy about two hours after taking' the pills, and had
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to a second, 3ij, to. a third, 3iij. After this they were tied
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The reports before us furnish most gratifying evidence of
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In the very interesting paper above referred to, Mr.
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Professor Simpson's pamphlet, for which I am also indebted
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served as acting chief of medical services at the Fort
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versations Lexikon," a German work, of high repute and
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when it is turned from a distant to a near object, is known as
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15th. Better than he has been since May last ; says he
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under the diagnosis of simple neurasthenia with mild
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city, where there are many children under eight years of
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of calories. 2 3 Researchers at the Geriatric Health In-
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ilium are well circumscribed. These glandular patches,
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tiually drove him to the homicide, it being his firm con-
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emetic ointment, to be induced over the rest of his abdomen.
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of the affected ear is open. Should, however, the patho
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inwards is trifling in amount ; but as they approach it becomes
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ledge of the patient, and we would say the effects were
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the ventricle were not partially full, the auricle and veins would
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the strength of the solution had anything to do with the bad
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sponge saturated with sulpheric ether. Let there be a hole
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tion, and the Application of Antiseptics, especially in Medicine
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Every one is aware that the ordinary form of herpes zoster
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li(ui has gi\'eu very gratifying results it is a serious sur-
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ogy to help them better understand their illness and
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He was seen by another physician at the room for pris-
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they can pursue their own self interests. Much of the annual
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hospitalization was required. Aeromonas, although rarely a cause of infection in otherwise healthy individuals,
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wise as respectable as their neighbors, should, for any trifling
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her hour of trial in the reception ward of the Dublin Lying-in
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