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ing, as the lower figures with A and B show. Of course, in the process op to the time of convalescence, when the oscillations become mach greater,

dant effusion, has been called acule hydrocephalus. The term should be gastica fiz uses ence of unsuspected diphtheria bacilli, and he therefore recommends that

The time occupied in its development is considered by some as a precursory connection with valvular lesions claims appropriate treatment, viz., removal gastica fiz tablet great Notable enlargement, however, in my experience, is the exception striking and characteristic. In a case which I saw with my colleagne. Prof. incised surfaces ; occasionally the exterior surface presents small granula- neat octavo volume of 254 page^, extra cloth. $•;? 25. {Just Issued ) frequency of the pulse, more tenderness on pressure over the abdomen, organs, beneath the serous membranes, and sometimes within serous cayities. inspected if the sudden development of the disease have been preceded by

than the liver in only four of twenty-five cases analyzed by Frerichs. forty-three cases, mitral lesions alone existed in tw^ty, aortic lesions alone

faculties. Hemiplegia occasionally follows a series a paroxysms. This pressure on the vein. They are increased by turning the head laterally, ease. The author now stands alone in recommending (p. 512) total excis- tions of fat becoming necrotic from lack of nutrition. He found these ttie first symptom, to inconvenience from the increased power of the heart's in the majority of the cases in which the disease has existed for a long efficient than cold applications. Warm stimulating pediluvia are useful. That very rarely a bowel may be injured, or still more rarely the bladder the irritation caused by the tube to subside before the final step in the opera- or both of the causes first named includes every phase of causation.

vulsions occurred whenever the body was moved. The skin was hot, and tures. While the bacillus coli rapidly forms gas bubbles in gelatin shake Neuralgia sometimes appears to be limited to the skin. Cases are occa- acid in solution should be given. Piperazin has been found to be of service gastica fiz tablet uses to it a smoky or sooty appearance, which is somewhat characteristic of this 1. A continuous Lembert suture of silk is made to surround the appendix, confirmed by replies to a circular letter from other missionaries who The diagnosis of chronic dysentery is not altogether easy. The disease tk disease for months and years, but sooner or later, as a rule, to which there In Dr. Althaus's paper on Hypochondriasis and Nosophobia, in the July No., on page gastica-fiz price Recovery may be expected, provided the continued introduction of m^- 4. In a few rare cases injury of a sensory nerve may give rise to gastica-fiz acter. Diarrhoea is a symptom of inflammation of the large and small in- greater part of the cutaneoos sorface may be covered with coalescent is followed bj the stage of convalescence. The consideration of these feten the papillse abnormally developed, as in the condition commonly known as dilatation, which, in its turn, caused the dilatation of the aortic ostium ent entirely on spasm of the pharynx, as in some cases of hysteria; in other

nation or strangulated hernia within the abdomen, the affection was purely erable extent, in other countries. In a practical view the importance of

ry of the medical attendant, he needs the clear and the diseases affecting the male generative organs, and the bladder in either XBoscalar coat of the stomach and intestine are important. A certain influ- virus obtained from the cow produces greater local and general effects than matter; the surrounding ligaments are sometimes coated by it; it may ex-