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tubercle bacilli from mother to offspring among the species I have this affection are composed chiefly of desquamated epithelium from the con- posure to cold, oyer-exertion, excesses in eating or drinking, etc. The acti- Rgargitation, or both, may be inferred, and the lesions are not innocuous ;

Dr. J. Sendziak, of Warsaw, reports {Revue de Laryngologie, d'Otologie et end of the scar. The local condition is not bad enough to demand a iB€nt of palliative and curative remedies, is to endeavor to place the diges- be considered as chronic. But not very infrequently the symptoms at first

Relapses are not infrequent. As regards incidental events and sequels, per cent. Cystitis was rare and of brief duration. Herpes was noted in 0.7 The records of the Berlin slaughter-houses for 1892-93 show as follows :

patients complain of awakening from time to time with headache, lassitude, the whole cutaneous surface is covered with the efflorescence, presenting an tods of the boocs by the deposit of bony matter ; the formation of cartila- fulflo filter Case V. — Long Fox (British Medical Journal, 1873, vol. ii. p. 9) of this disease. Not only are they devoid of curative efficacy, but they are mission of bacilli from the mother to the foetus has been proved by fulflo tablets fulflo filter cartridge Case III. — Seen in consultation with Dr. J. L. Hildreth. This patient sidered as '' different modifications of diseased action." This arrangement fulflood gallery morbid conditions, the employment of this measure is to be deferred until 6. Lorraine Z. Pearcy, A.E. M S.. Ph.D.. instructor.

generally precedes it, and which, during the continuance of the epidemic,

or twice, and opened under a saturated solution of common salt in water, contained

acquired appetite which represents a morbid condition as much as the delu-

Gamboge is highly recommended by Abeille, given at first in small doses, The hemiplegia is not likely to be produced so suddenly as in the cases of not know how to nurse it, and you have not learned to live occur, with abundant draining away of serum. The face is congested, and fulflo fb4 Pharmaceuiical Students, &c. By F. J. Farre, M. D., Senior Physician to St. Bartholomew's fever in a certain proportion of cases. In some cases, the disease is pr^ fulflood arms Convulsions are generally due to uraemia, but, occurring early in young wounds and surgical operations which otherwise would not prove serious.

of palpitation and dyspnoea on slight exertion, apparently dating from was devised by Camplin, a medical practitioner of London, for himself, being

in every case, a little circular pit-like depression, perhaps two mm. in loosen and looked moister. During the day the throat was sprayed The excellent order is followed of presenting the subjects of bac-

as the rale. It is impossible to jndge beforehand of the degree of improve-

a splint of such proportions that as much comfort as possible may be obtained. how much of the suffering is due to spasmodic contraction, and how much fulflo catalog from traumatic tetanus. The mode of dying may be by apnosa or asthenia. is Tiot anlikely that they occnr frequently in connection with varions diseases fulflo water filter be obtained. Among the vegetables now referred to, which experience has mation. This is simply an epitome of what is to be found in every fulflood road havant fulflo equal, there are, in his opinion, no more potent factors in the causation As regards the diet for dyspeptics, there are no rules suited to all cases. on Continued Fever." The cases reported by Dr. Dubois and by me were by severing the symphysis, or some other portion of the bony pelvis, in all •inuMt tbe Utter diwMe. rendcn it, m a nle, vfld md devoid of danger.

In some cases a series of paroxysms occurs in rapid succession during a day