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phasizes the predilection of Vincent's angina for patients suffering from
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well known that under a protracted operation of the empyemic cavity,
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systolic, 75 diastolic. The bowels are usually constipated. The urine
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went 38 days without an evacuation from the bowels; she
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those degrees of regeneration in a colloid thyroid which might
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for pathogenic anaerobes, but cannot be depended upon to give a true picture
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The antigen of Corynebactcrium diphtheriae and Bacillus megatherium and their
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Treatment. A realization that one is dwelling with abscess
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returning above normal during the repair which rapidly follows.
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as a tender area in the back to the left of the spine, on the level with the
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leukemia in which under iirseiiic; the leukocytes fell from a high count to
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ed Rhubarb and the like. As to the specks or sloughs in the
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organism. In hydraemia the diuretic effect of small doses is excessive.
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Dr Beatty read a communication from which the following are
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in vivo as far as the toxic phase, and, in consequence, no antitoxic response
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especially in secondary syphilis, the results were not so good even with 10
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in studying the significance of these urinary findings. The signifi-
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aged sixty-five years. The patient has had indigestion off and on for
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test) according to the age of the patient, Peters shows that under the age
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still capable of development, is continually subjected to the action
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of the capillaries of the brain occurs great reduction in the amount
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arm. Eighth Experiment. A claw from a Pigeon's toe was
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requested not to do much for her, for fear she would die in
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impulses arising in the muscles influence ' the thought content of con-
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cases had suffered from forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, 170 from other
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blood in a vertical glass pipette of about 1 capacity and a height of
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benefit ; and (3) a small, incomplete pneumothorax is often worse than use-
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The mother noticed that the child's fingers and toes began to take on
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in excess of the reagent. (9) Macrophages may originate in various cells,
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however, show marked improvement and sometimes completely
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vessels, the author points out that they were widespread and of a rather
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histories, and they will not lead to substantial inaccuracies.
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are concerned. A tuberculous ancestry is not infrequently found
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difficulties of the treatment are increased manyfold. This is especi-
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and drainage. This is a serious complication. In old cases operation may
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in the flexor muscles of the lower extremities about the time of appearance
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was relieved by the taking of food and by alkalies. There was no difference
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291). Both denominations are taken to mean that histogenetically different
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