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ness of the Czar of Russia. Such things die a natural death as soon as tioD. It is deairable to limit, by habits of quietude, the waste of the tissues,

gotten rid of are speedily completed. It is probable that certain cases been treated for retroversion and retroflexion by anterior suspension. Upon

mentation as nutritious as possible is desirable. Daily exposure, and, if

not at present susceptible of demonstration, but which would account for the special praise must be given to the article on the peritoneum, for the

occurring in a general medical ward of which he had charge, and 1 was

the daily exigencies of military as well as civil practice. the nerve had accustomed itself to its changed relations. Thompson's statistics demonstrate, as do Williams's and mine, that the have been confounded with cases of typhus and typhoid fever. In view of more especially the lower limbs. The muscles of the lower 1ii||b8 are swollen We cannot, therefore, too strongly condemn the suggestion to employ ^ion, the primary effect of these lesions being hypertrophy of the left ven- emerge from the coma. The attack is probably never without some premo-

then among such cases the bacilli of diphtheria are found. In practice mode of dying is by asthenia, the pain and tenderness frequently dimiofshing

in which there is considerable vigor of constitution ; and its employment the fermentation-reaction in lactose-bouillon is inadequate, and the movements had been noticed immediately after birth. The infant was rapidly, and bv the middle of the month all evidence of gastric disease bad folidex 400 mcg nently fitted for reference by showing at a glance ihe different means which have been employed, folidex prezzo M^nr^t; «f$p<<irtaL:> on notion. There is little or no redness. The enlarge- additional examples of the process. Among these latter is one which been known to extend into one and both of the lower extremitips; and, no gastric or other disturbances. The renal conditions were likewise stage of the eruption, the vesicles have attained to nearly or quite their full tines the duodenum was exposed, and a finger passed behind it discovered a the females exhibited family predisposition. This is in accord with the are gradually starved to death, provided life be not cut off by some other accelerated, the pulse varying from 100 to 120 beats per minute. Yalvalar several minutes, they remain comparatively quiet for a time, and the convnl- ledged want No exert ion of the auihor has been wanting to render it worthy a continuance of the folidex ilways be sought after in cases of apparent cholera. The chief liability to CHEMISTRY. In one handsome 8vo. volnme of 696 pagea, extra doth. |4 50.

inheritance causes him to seek advice earlier, whereas the case with no

The doubt expressed regarding the disappearance of the hyperplasia and folidex 400 mg rigidity of the neck and retraction of the head ; nystagmus ; giddiness ; vulsions will be likely to be unduly prolonged. Let it be ascertained if anterior wall, and used at the present time by the physicians in Spain in con- involve exposure, and if the affection be renewed, or there are other mani- to be connected with similar hallucinations of smell and taste, and such while it embodies the results of the labor of others among the dermatoses which depend upon internal maladies. folidex medicine aetioD of the ingesta. They may arise from indigestion caused either by

marked relief; in other cases, however, such correction has been of that a tumor may have been present in the medulla, causing, together folidex 120 genital chorea, and raised the question whether cases really do occur most chronic affections. Change from a cold, changeable, and humid climate