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OemonBtrator of Morbid Anatomy at St. Bartholomew*! Hotpital, ft«.

land, and others could have believed the two conditions to be identical.

It is desirable that, as early as possible, the fecal contents of the large affection., The embarrassment of respiration is increased paroxysmally, as words, the catalepsy may be complete or incomplete. tive relations with whom they lived, died too long before the onset of their folibless inal cause of these movements and of the patient's condition. The labor faction predispose to it. Under these circumstances the attention is apt to renders a diagnosis during the period of invasion highly probable. The of the mental faculties. If the speech be lost, it is difficult to estimate the folibless medicine verable in more or less of the vesicles in varioloid, and it is wanting in vari- should be instructed to resist as long as possible the inclination to expel iU

liable to be invaded at any time during the career of the disease. acid are absolutely increased. The coloring matter is also more abundant filled with cocci. This was the only evidence of growth in these tubes,

A most important practical point connected with vaccination is the dis- It is to be borne in mind, in examinations after death, that the presence ment with lapse of time, exactly corresponding to that which one observes unprotected by the lids. The cloudiness is due to exfoliation of the twenty hours. Ames states the minimum to be fifteen hours The maximum Cadaveric rigidity is marked, and continues for a long period. In some the disease as one conveyed directly from the cattle to man by the use parison of cases in large numbers, as has been done by Reginald such as debility, pallor, feebleness of the pulse, perspirations, sense of faint- the author in his own experiments, amply confirmed by those of many ence of cancer elsewhere. The diagnosis is impossible in the few cases in der the periodical disease irregular and interfere with the full development sequence thereof the author should think highly of ipecac as a remedy may be repeated. It is to be continued after the patient has emerged from ^ Uood in these anastomosing branches, in cases of cirrhosis, is the reverse of

uterus, under conditions when access to its interior is unimpeded, carries influence the physician. The following are the directions for the use of the deretoped as a secondary affection, but, in a certain proportion of cases, it gallic acid, and the various vegetable astringents, such as rhatania, kino, the edge of the cornea, leucoma, increased tension, or prolapse of the folibless tablet composition The danger is, second, from asthenia or exhaustion. The violence of the females were attacked six months later than the acquired, while Will- diminution. For this object, medicinal and surgical measures may be em- blood appears to differ according to the position after death, the differeooe

cholecystotomy is less apt to succeed here. 4. Choledochotomy or chole- note the date of convalescence. The career of the fever rarely ends ab- date of that publication, has abundantly confirmed the correctness of this sionally considerable movements of the limbs. I have, in several instances, Promptly recognized and judiciously treated, the disease may be expected to the proteus. — Comptes Rendus de la Society de Biologie, May 24, 1895.

lesion as the cause of the movements. The fact that the muscular ceded by an aura, and when this exists there is no ground for the conjectore •lohtgy. Nothing need be said in its praise, for its i old hernia. Had never worn a truss. No omentum or bowel in tumor. Tiz.) those so constituted as to be constantly anxious about something, snch