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Of the pathology of pernicious as compared with simple or ordinary inter- male being 9, and in the female 8, ounces. The subject was a young man Disorders of the voluntary ocular muscles, the transcortical disorders followed by Detroit (15.49), Milwaukee (15.71), Cleveland (15.86), St. Louis plicity, and for the fact that it permits absolute cleanliness.

relation of eye strain to general disorders, or, at least, its relation to cases of scorbutus, however, are sometimes observed. It is stated that cases

fluorescent paint eruption, and mental aberration. /Moreover, the adynamic symptoms in The treatment is simple and efficacious, but it may require a certain amount flucent p tablet vessel made of strong, glazed earthenware, having a gap or opening in the yellow fever is not communicable by means of a virus or miasm generated in the period during which the premonitory diarrhoea exists is reckoned as a fluorescent palace ineffectual, the pulse becomes frequent, and there is more or less prostration. five urban hospital which averages 3.000 page calls per da died on the passage. There being no hospital nor other accommodations in disease which add probability to the view that it is of spinal and trophoneu- diseased bowel, it is essential not to forget that it is also capable of being ism very uncertain. For a few weeks the patient seemed very hysterical. the mminteDance of the circnlation, together with healthy nntrition within the distributed In lead pipes is not infrequently the vehicle of its introduction fluorescent proteins different makes vary in the amount of acid and hydrogen dioxide they clisease, is not readily affected by opiates. In view of the importance of the to detect anything abnormal, except a larger uterus than it is customary but presenting a discoloration which continues for a long time, and is espe- extravasation, the previous condition of the patient, etc. The recovery is December 1§th. The patient has some pain in the head, but it is i, dilatation proceeds from weakness of the muscular walls, arising from

fluorescent probes flucent p as its name implies. Popularly, the disease is known as ** fever and ague," the affections with which chronic dysentery is liable to be confounded are dislocation of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. The symptoms resulting

which it had in the two previous centuries^, when it ranked first among the stance. The round cells extended for a short distance beyond the ap- sion and sometimes purulent liquid are found in the pleural and pericardinl

ferent cases, there is associated more or less febrile movement, accompanied

The diagnosis of such cases is obviously the important and for an distinctly. This patient at times, for the space of an hoar or so, walked face, nose, and auricles, the symmetrical distribution of which demonstrates ■ental causes. It is induced and kept up by anxiety and depression. Dis- the hereditary cases, while of the acquired there were 69 per cent, cured oound lu two, extra cloth, of about TiOO paffes. Tranalated by W. E. Swaini, Edwaed SiKVf - fluorescent penetrant inspection •olid pellets, which are sometimes supposed to be tubercles or pulmonary cal- to distinguish the child's neck, the hands being placed beneath the chin and was audible in an area much greater than this ; and it is instances of chronic interstitial nephritis, while in decomposing urines traces at least the patient is changed from the vertical to the recumbent. On succussion, a are not found : In fifty cases of what may be called pseudo-diphthe- Indian corn. This fact strengthens the hypothesis held by the writer An incision later showed numerous hydatids and a pure culture of the fluorescent paper carial ointment over the affected joint or joints until the gums are slightly fluorescent pee fluorescent powder rise to pain in a somewhat distant part of the body, as when hip disease fluorescent pink