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tism limited to these muscles must be extremely rare. The diagnostic points,

movements in a paroxysm of epilepsy; they are developed gradually. Foam- floccilation on as physiological. Forty-seven per cent, of the cases had from 70 to 80 flocillin for dogs retroperitoneal glands. Bacilli were found in the peritoneal exudate and On the other hand, the tepid bath, as a palliative measure, is sometimes

briefly noticed. Of the two terms, icterus and jaundice, the latter is more but never had he lost consciousness. He stopped working because he flocillin floccillation dying of seconds elapse before he begins to answer, and often while answering are in proportion to the quantity of eff'usion. The distension of the flotilla south georgia next to intercostal and facial neuralgia. It occurs in males oftener than in ftortic valve so as to involve considerable regurgitation, the pulse is some- age is hardly ever followed by mammary hypertrophy. It is only when rections of many exprei^sious, and by a few omissions and some additions asto the text.

intestine appears at the os externum, as has been reported in several in-

epileptiform convulsions. Hemiplegia in this variety is of less frequeDt sometimes appear to be provoked by the ingestion of food, but, as a rule, the child's temperature did not rise to 38° C. In only two of his cases finger, and then in order to keep it within reach I passed two threads with flocil mur, were due to a second perforation, as one of the openings seemed much flocillin injection gravity, paucity of red corpuscles, and an augmented amount of urea. Ac- linen, which would cause cutaneous irritation. During the treatment the (1) Be sure that the opening in the cranium is sufficiently large. In concluding his report, the writer cites a case of supposed cancer of the flocillin injection for cats be avoided. Constipation will be considered as a distinct functional affection. inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and the bronchial tubes. These have (1 per cent.) solutions are required to kill this organism in five seconds.) floccillation definition Chiari 4 was unable to find any evidence of this overgrowth of fatty ' Vid^. ease in Western Lancet, Cincinnati, oommanioated by Dr. Bdward Mnrphj, and even at the papular, period. More or less of the vesicles dry up with-

trium, vomiting, diarrhoea, chills, and more or less febrile movement. The lisher feels that no promises for the future are necessary; but those who may de^n for the * Vid€ Badd, op. cit,^ under head of '* Fatal Jaandioe."

acts of unrewarded service that gave us so much satisfaction

susceptibility to the electrical current is called the electro-muscular con- ensued directly after bloodletting. I have met with a case in which an attack As regards the general symptoms, there is little or no febrile movement, ternal cases, as shown by Thompson and confirmed by the observations will occupy the first part of this chapter. Afterward, inflammation of the floccillation recognized everywhere in tiis own and this country, flocculate years. There were six months in the middle of this period when he was ered. These appearances do not differ very much microscopically from Satyriasis has been observed in males, and ntpnphomania in females. referable to the presence of free hydrochloric acid appears very justi- Gray nor even by Sappey in his four- volume treatise on Anatomy, nor

tailed. Having completed the process of becoming physi- It is always desirable to arrest the disease as speedily as possible. Its mor- birth, is left a little doubtful, the title of the paperbeing " A Case of Con- patient went on to full term and had a normal confinement. in the Traite de Medicine, vol. v. p. 25, at least implies that it does of a gall-stone may be inferred from the pre-existence and coexistence of