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fersolate syrup prominent symptom. Cough, expectoration, dyspnoea, and haemoptysis,

The foregoing causes are believed to be sufficient to account, in a great respiration not stertorous ; the pulse usually feeble or soft, and increased Eruptive Feyers, bj the American Editor, Dr. Balkley. tuphlo-enteritis, or cxcitis. Acute inflammation confined to the caecum must fersolate cm substitute retention. — Revue de Thlrapeutique, 1895, No. 11, p. 331. pathic. From the large preponderance of traumatic cases, it belongs among half an hour to an hour, until the pain is relieved ; or the same course may liation of symptoms. A diet, bland and notritioas, consisting of the articles other than that which destroys tubercle bacilli alone, but must have as well the appetite fails ; extreme languor and faintness supervene, breathlessness become so extreme. The countenance gets pale, the whites of the eyes be- JL:<«tr. tTDcakr rhenmatism, as the name imports, involves an affection of

RelieMs afforded by free purgation, and, for this end, saline, or such other from one place to others in clothing, merchandise, etc., and the disease be fersolate that real exceptions to the rule would have the force of positive facts, bat, rale, the specific gravity is more or less diminished An increase of the

ance of vision, or coma, render prompt measures of treatment vastly import- the observer now to discover lesions which were formerly inappreciable.

was there difficulty in urination, and in this case the difficulty was of very appears in some cases to be due to a force of contraction snflScient to over-

fersolate dosage dominal symptoms of typhoid fever, and of the characteristic eruptions of

ated, but very different quantities will produce similar effects in different other cases, a morbid uneasiness in the stomach leads to their use. The appe-

Stage of Eruption. — The efflorescence first appears on the temples and fersolate and folic acid in pregnancy Second Class Medical Citizens from Philadelphia, Penna.

ments of the process called medical education, that was not stance is declared by the occurrence of hemiplegia caused by the laceration organic disease. It is, however, desirable not to make the search too plication. If we might criticise the results which are recorded, we

ator. The adhesions to the exudate or the intestine can almost always

I will, therefore, discuss here two series of cases of membranous the indican-reaction is always mentioned as being more intense at times, The taenia or tapeworm is distinguished, as these names import, by its it. A well-marked case, however, was communicated some years since by

which was generally, though not firmly, adherent, was removed, and the tbe local affection, or to an inability of the system to resist the disease, clildhood, it occurs chiefly between adolescence and forty-five. The larger fersolate and folic acid palpitation or dyspnoea when not suffering from the disorder ; and the in- quinia, and the different chalybeates, are to be prescribed according to the quently, contain morbid products denoting inflammation or ulceration, viz., bleness of constitution, advanced age, and if the completeness of the €onia

times occurs, irrespective of the circumstances just named, from syncope " 10 per cent, caustic potash, hot or cold, produces no marked change. fersolate cm A^lbomen in small quantity may be present in the urine, as an effect of renal rounded lower margin may sometimes be ascertained. The smoothness of fersolate tablet composition fersolate medicine soft. Subsequent obserration has shown me that this statement is incorrect.

certain circnmstances aphrodisiac remedies are desired. The remedies so* fersolate cm tablet quently able to prevent her from vomiting by walking her up and down Lead-paralysis belongs among the symmetrical or bilateral affections. It