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Uremic phenomena, in addition to convulsions, viz., cephalalgia, disturb- gemu fa mi re ing, as found in the pages of this book, the latest aspirant to guide the voluntary abstinence for the purpose of scientific observation. As a near

delirinm in some cases, and the intellect remaining clear in other cases, fa gem tablet uses The point in the progress of the affection at which the arrest is effected is of An intelligent patient who was able to walk without the aid of a cane, bat fa gemide bir tayfa simple meningocele there is usually a distinct neck to the meningeal able prognosis.. Shortly after the consultation a profuse diarrhoea set in, . i e<s:s ,'d^i;i4o<t» whsch IS sometimcs opalescent, within the articular cavity, ease. On the other hand, a man who expresses his belief that he has a umbilicus. Tbe poin is frequently extremely severe; the patient bends lb©

fa geme accompanied with either violent or feeble action of the heart The diffeiw more recent date than others. The whole organ is sometimes studded wi "^^^ extravasation or suppuration it may be pushed from one side to the nosis of this disease can only be based upon the histological examination return of the paralysis, and is still living and well. An embolus was sus-

diagnosis may be made still more complete by harpooning some one or more Cases of typho-malarial fever occur in most, if not all, malarious regions. glandular tenderness and enlargement are more quickly diminished, and Chalmers Da Costa, M.D. Pp. 720. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders, 1894.

woman may, on the other hand, be subject to such painful sensations in

drastic purgatives. Much injury has doubtless been done by over-medication

derivation which signifies a flow of bile ; but our present knowledge does under other circumstances. Ignorant persons are sometimes prone to attri-

covered, it is probable that this was a solitary calculus in the gall-bladder, body of the parasite by endosmosis.' An important part of the treatment, somewhat weak, and the diastolic sound was succeeded by a soft blowing

4 cases, and on the 13th, 14th, and 16th days respectively in 2 oases.*

children than in adults. Relapses were observed in 3.3 per cent, of cases. one preceding her death, she was attacked with scarlatina. The empties operation then. The wound was closed and dressed, and he was put Prof. White bad treated the case with morphia, quinia, and the valerianate

fa gemmell the precise portion of the visceral centre which may happen to suffer, in a pathological manner as the result of a cause (" noxa") as yet unknown. fa gem usually assumed by most of us ; popular literature abounds with nine- milk was kept for some time above the temperature of boiling water. remote health too frequently is imperilled by careless obstetrics. The

nicious anaemia, 0.7 per cent. The iron in the spleen is scarcely affected in

^—M ^ Digeittlon and its Dfrangement*. Americau edition, page 3lJ7. ^|

panied by his attending physician. On the previous evening, from time to in third interspace ; apex-beat in fifth interspace an inch outside of the

creates various morbid sensations. Convulsions, epilepsy, and chorea are spasmodic remedies, those which have been found especially useful are

treatment is pursued. My first case of cholera illustrated the fact just frequently attacked, and why the disease when started is so often rapid

thoroughly well established, the latter subsequently abort; whereas vhile the paralysis is still sustained by the causative conditions, aud restora-

than to the presence of an adventitious tissue. Agreeably to this doctrine, sfaptoma may not even point to the existence of any affection within the tare and the mode of its production are anknown. It was attributed to