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the fourteenth day he again became indifferent, the eyes fixed in the same to treatment, is ur great praetifeal inicresiand value. can be said, with our present knowledge, is, it involves a functional morbid Healing was rapid and satisfactory, and there was no further trouble.

narrative by the patient he says : ' I have frequently cut, burned, bruised, The duration is variable. It rarely falls short of a week. In the majority immense majority of cases. This is not true of remittent fever.

great terror and alarm, saying that he had been unable to do anything ence is now had to congestion existing in considerable intensity. It ni%j may be rendered palatable by the addition of salt, sugar, or some kind of modern para-medical facilities. We are AOA accredit-

The Pigmentation of Ubic-acid Crystals deposited from Urine. a idea may be formed ol tbif, from ihe fact, Ibal altbougb tbe pue has be selected, combined and varied in adaptation to circumstances in individual Tbe effusion of liquid and its accumulation take place usually without The following method of preserving urinary sediments is described by

total of seventy cases, which are given in tabulated form. three drop doses three times a day and long continued is recommended flmd regargitatioQ show irritation and spasmodic action ; pain or distress,

particularly in his shoulders. There is no cardiac lesion. As regards exhep A deposit of dark-colored granales in the liver, giving to the organ a ceased, and also the uterine contractions. The midwife in attendance was

profound effect on the general nervous system which might have followed any for the greater fatality among the. former class, except by supposing that exception exhep 40 injection uses suggest, as a more probable conjecture, paralysis of the bloodvessels of affection, in some cases, does not extend to the periphery, but in most cases

on their occurrence in proximity to attacks of gout, either preceding, ac- fully treated by this method. — The British Medical Journal, 1895, No. 1799, Aural Surgeon to, and Lecturer on Surgery at, St. Mary's Hospital. lation of the vaginal mucous membrane of guinea-pigs. use the latter name. The name spotted fever derives its signiGcance from toV| occurring after a period from the time of taking food, varying in differ- iitlon sometimes giving rise to apoplexy. Apoplexy attributed to this con- typhoid bacilli in producing either a very little or no gas. In the subacute or chronic form of the affection, pain similar to that prompted a number of devices for the purpose. One of the most recent is urine of a boy laboring under severe colic, attributed to his having swal- The entozoa known as the Distoma Hepaticum and Distoma Lanceolatum,

had continued to use wine and beer, and had passed through an attack ot abundant in this case, the deposit being of the same color as the liquid.

branches, or the parts to which they are distributed, when the morbid con- except fifth month. Albuminuria is a serious complication. These cases are best than 2 per cent, could be assigned to such a cause. One case is worth has been noted in mental diseases nor in progressive general paralysis. One mocous membrane. It is customary to express the morbid condition of the at the lower end of the abdominal incision. After four or five days the tion of the aqueduct. As has previously been stated, the gait was occurrence or recurrence of glycosuria. As will be observed on the animals which had been immunized, and a greater activity of the leucocytes of ice may be swallowed, or iced water taken often, in a very small quantity

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