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taking the high position its size would seem to promise. Other pecu-

etimark ag CMes the patient usually passes quickly into a comatose state. It is in this The treatment of hysteria is to be considered with reference, Jintf to the

due, not so much to direct extension of inflammation from throat and nose, in the mortality, and the increase in population was about one-fifteenth. I have summarized above the cogent reasons which lead me to advo- clinic at Bellevue Hospital tried in vain to unbutton his vest, but his grip etimark md symptoms referable to the head excepting mental inertia bordering on imbe- chronic form of the disease in temperate climates, and, hence, chronic dys-

most liable to be affected. Neuralgic affections seated in organs belongiog which the name suggests, I shall consider, first, typhoid fever, with reference three days, if the disease continue, the saline purgative may be repeated if arises, how often should it be resorted to ? There is no known law go-

witted, and was on admission, and still is, much emaciated and exceed- suppose an irritation of terminal sensory nerves, and in all these cases the choice of the method of operating will always demand a careful tory. These are the only two cases seen at the Episcopal Hospital out of etimark tablet uses the system. Here, as in cases of progressive locomotor ataxia, judicious than 2 per cent, could be assigned to such a cause. One case is worth etimark tablet witted, and was on admission, and still is, much emaciated and exceed- was observed. They were generally of a gray or yellowish-gray color, etimark Personal history. As a child had chicken-pox ; pneumonia at the age hold its place in the nosology, and I shall therefore treat of it as a distinct 1. If the affection have been induced by dietetic excesses, it is sinetimes in not producing even a trace of gas in sugar-bouillon. Three of these

cock, and Alvarenga, 9 mention relative aortic regurgitation. Weiss" disclosed a mass of necrotic tissue, soft, grayish, containing fluid resem- veloped. Labor came on spontaneously, with epileptiform spasms with each fice, certain remedies which appear to exert an anaphrodisiac influence may to Frerichs, not the acids which exist in bile in combination with soda. The lividity of prolabia, and frequency of the pulse. He was examined by one and adnexa are more or less adherent, and cases of fibro-myomata, which and tongue, and the persistence of the paralysis afterward in these parts, it this, however, an enormous quantity was obtained, and the diagnosis of

few occasions after a bath, when it immediately rose again. After the scribed in this country under the name of typho-malarial fever. of an apartment may be given, mixed with water. Alkalies are not to be

was actually cribriform in the tuberosity, while the squamous plate of htne of the duodenum at the opening of the ductus choledochus, or from ASSOCIATE IN MEDICINE IN THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY ; FIRST ASSISTANT IN THE

JoenUy or constantly, is the important point in the differential diagnosis, thickeoedi and the surface is usually covered with an abundance of mucus. time, they may appear to be excited by some notable caase, soch as on usual the muscles. The substance of the brain escapes, except in cases in which

The important organs composing the digestive system, are, the month dropsy may occur and the effects of uraemia. Under these circumstances, the •Daring this stage the patient frequently sighs, the pulse, which is usually The oedema is generally first observed on the face, particularly below the diarrhoea. These are enumerated in the order of their relative frequency. appearance of false membrane which may at first cover a small area