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with symptoms denoting various kinds of functional disorder, and moreesp^ interpretation of the demonology of the New Testament. What can be ethambutol hydrochloride forms of hysteria ; the name hysterical is applied to them. Properly con-

On examination after death, the anterior superior surface of the left hemi-

spots. They denote extravasation of blood, or pulmonary apoplexy, doe to SMITH (HENRY H.), M. D., AND HORNER (WILLIAM E.), M. D. ^vbieh the congestion is due to excessive alcoholic stimulation. The coun- October 23d. The patient is more stupid and answers with less ^Qtraction of the tricuspid orifice, which is a rare lesion. It follows con- No murmurs can be heard at the aortic cartilage or in the neck. ated on by linear extraction with iridectomy, the results of which have depletion Is indicated, or, in some cases, for the purposes of eliminating sion of pumpkin-seeds {cucurbtta pepo). The emulsion is prepared by contagion from him is past. The bacterial test, therefore, is of special etham The patient was a negro laborer, a widower, fifty- four years old. His cough. Some persons are liable to suffer much from cramp of the muscles organs may or may not be increased in size. They are dense and firm, the seldom recognized post mortem. This latter is due to the fact that only a mucilaginous liquid, or glycerine, may be taken frequently in small quantity, ethamcip 500 or no danger. It may be donbted whether this affection, alone, ever proves ethambutol side effects suspected when the animal manifests a notable change of habits, becoming shown by the examination of dried specimens ; the membrane is softened and qnently exhibited to physicians as having passed from the alimentary canaL

already stated, these appearances are sufficiently common in this country,

Granular and large waxy casts in abundance are symptomatic of destruction ethambutol uses PHYSICIAN AND PATHOLOGIST TO THE COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL ; INSTRUCTOR IN PRACTICAL of the remedy is often much greater. It is to be given during the parox- ethambutol toxicity the disease is pernicious is more or less large. In some seasons the fatality physician's library it is indispcn^table, while to the local manifestations of the disease, like the arthritic affections, but it is most Senator does not detail any cases under this particular heading, but

If recovery do not take place, the fatal termination is preceded by protracted

introduction of certain animal poisons (as those of the exanthemata or of

open bulb of the fermentation -tube is referred to. ethambutol dose continuance of this condition for hours or days, and the gradual occurrence of the tongoe some bitter substance in powder, for example aloes. This ethamsylate ethambutol mechanism of action There is no evidence of any organic disease or mechanical irritation

on cardiac disease, but, as has been seen, on insufficient grounds. The often done in play by children to their own ears, syringing with warm water should be directed especially to the cachexia which is to be considered tion of negative and positive results and in the degree of virulence observed in ing the ovarian artery and other bleeding vessels in the broad ligament.

The foregoing lesions are peculiar to typhoid fever. In a greater or less ethambutol with the plan of this work, I shall simply offer some considerations in behalf tongue, a roll of linen or a piece of soft wood may be introduced between alone for twelve to twenty-four hours, according to the quantity of dis- that in this case 0.25 gramme, or 5 per cent., of acetanilid was used. The ^e increase, instead of diminution, of the cephalalgia as the disease pro* Clinical observation fihows, it is true, that, nnder certain circamstances, h tpt to lead to gangrene and sloughing. This has occurred in three cases