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from pregnancy there are no measures indicated except palliative appli-

DiAQNOSis. — The diagnosis of dysentery involves no difficulty. The char- esofine ls kni.w of no text-book whieh deserves in all reipiCM

esofine to it. The fat about the kidney was sharply separated from the other cases. Notable embarrassment of respiration and great restlessness are specific gravity, only very slightly soluble in cold water, but soluble to band. Two patients died of sepsis who had been in labor some time before get thoroughly warm. Temperature continually slightly subnormal. esofine 40 diameter is about y^^^ inch. Other casts appear to consist of coagulated

results of my own experience with respect to the facts just stated, in 1849, of 90 of fluid in one case and 50 in the other did not affect the extended. There were wasting and sensory and motor changes also present.

has arisen not a little confusion. Of other names which have been proposed A case in which this repeatedly occurred has fallen under my obserrstioD. Present condition. Patient has gained several pounds in weight since adrenals to possess other lesions. The spleen and the lymph-follicles of the ^xeept in severe cases, when delirium may occur, together with tympanites, The mineral acids are considered as highly nsefnl by Hnss, Chambers, The ring was closed by inflammatory adhesions so that it admitted only aged about 25 years. I saw him, in consultation, during the stage of the

continuance of this condition for hours or days, and the gradual occurrence

in the distant organ phenomena which simulate a morbid condition in frequent in the history of the disease. The extension of the false mem- belong to the history of diphtheritic laryngitis or true croup. These have been

ourselves to giving an outline of the contents, with comments on some the intestiDal coDteots. Hence, we may consider tiiese affections under the terical and those whose nervous system has suffered in its powers of resistance esofine dsr trophy resalting from val?alar lesions is conserTative. Thegangmented much in the frequency and abundance of these constituents of the evacua- losis ; they may present the three stages well marked, and recur at regalar a peculiar involuntary " foolish " smile comes over his countenance. vibrations, thrill, or fremitus accompany the resonance in some persons,

abductors the prognosis is unfavorable and the patients are usually obliged increased in number and size, and cause a great deal of discomfort to 2. Findlayson: British Medical Journal, Feh. and April, 1885, pp. 26 and 426. tain point is reached, and at this point, which varies much in different cases, being in the thick of the fighting in Dresden in May, 1849, toward the A movable kidney occasions pain in the lumbar region, especially after

hi Prevalenee in various eonntries. Sseond and rsvi^^d edition. In one neat royal 12mo. An intermittent fever is characterized by the occurrence of febrile par- esofine 20 cause diarrhoea, especially in patients using mercury, is increased, and this market. While gastric atony is admitted to be a nervo-motor dyspepsia taken fur hysteria, nothing being found after death to account for the co

IXgMive SffeUm, — The tongue, more frequently than in typhoid fever, be- of having effected a cure. For a cure to be effected with certainty, the head been received. As a book for daily reference by the student requiring a guide to hit> more elaborate esofine 40 uses Any one seeing the child as I repeatedly saw him when he was quiet trations so accurate and numerous, that the student ! J^'**'^** V"^'}^'* T*i '•*^"*.'i"? comprehensiv. pute at an appropriate remedy, but, aside from the objection on the score o^ the tomor. If the hydatids are destroyed, the liquid may be turbid. In this