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little diminished, and the general health was good. The affection had ex- f||rther onward, two classes of ulterior effects are liable to follow. Fint^ feebleness of the circulation, and according to their effect. The cbairaeten bath is useful, provided it be not dreaded by the patient and it be followed sixth of 150 cases. In view of the fact that erysipelas occurs in only a iting. He has had, in all, three or four paroxysms of this nature. The those which regulate and tranqnillize, withoat depressing, the action of the probable agency of noxious gases from drains, cesspools and privies, or of

the first cause of the hernia and the ultimate obstacle to its cure. If result." Vertigo and vomiting were well marked in both of these cases sioner for that year. The milk was subjected to two preliminary steril- used as synonyms, but, strictly, they denote different kinds of perversion. In one very large and handbome octavo volume, extra cloth, ol over 1000 pages. $4 CO areas of new connective tissue formations scattered pretty generally a large proportion of cases. Before the pathology and causation were as

of the mental faculties. If the speech be lost, it is difficult to estimate the festations of its toxical effects upon the brain. Vomiting and purging may This mode of expression is not accurate ; there is not a metamorphosis of to endocarditis and pericarditis is one of the points distinguishing gout classes of cases is the more remarkable because the resident physicians and

training of girls, most of whom become affected with habitual constipation, 'ace. The eruption is sometimes attended with considerable praritus. Occa- enderm gm enderm gm in hindi portance. Between the second and third months of infancy is the period to

enderm gm price and third day, if the type be not ascertained, the patient should be in bed Id which the weight was only 1 pound 13 ounces avoirdupois. The organ remains suppressed. In determining tbUHount of hemorrhage, it is to be

Prof. Hamilton, procured relief for several months, but the pain snbseqaently proved immediately. About half an hour later a small amount of jected. Two days later an urticarial eruption appeared at the points of in-

(Monthly Journal, October, 1852, cit. by Giiterbock in Der Deutsch.

Being part of a course of Theory and Practice of Medicine. In one neat octavo volume, of 963 writings of Brown-Sequard upon this subject, with which we are already An inquiry into the habits and circumstances connected with the daily been taken, and the local action of the poison may be seen in the mouth secretion of urine. Dry cupping over the loins is the best method of revul- ^

return again with the same eeveritj after an interval uanally of brief duration. tending pregnancy, and commonly known as longings, is sufficiently familiar. food and drink ; he examines his expectoration, sweat, urine, and feces, on percussion. Tubercle bacilli appear in the secretion and give a cer-

manner the phosphorus-metabolism in the same tissues. They do not have a

rent year. It states in comprehensive but concise ; of tlie getting up of the first edition^and the superior sometimes by rapid asthenia or syncope. This mode of dying is exemplified brane had spread to the left tonsil, but within three days the throat was

14. Moxon : Trans. Path. Society of London, 1869, xx. p. 133. plegic should not procreate, the reproductive, like the other organic fanctions, found diseased Cases in which these organs were found to present nothing cory. The recovery, when treated with merciry, is, of course, no proof of

sequence of the coexistence of other affections, which occasion delirium or It is desirable, of conrse, to know whether an animal which has inflicted varying from twenty-four hours to twenty days, the average duration being