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rent attacks of so-called bronchitis — without pyrexia — was
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fering and punish crime. To prevent them should be our paramount purpose; and
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ease upon the matter of the expense ; and under this arrangement I can give or
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flaunting in silks and jewels, and glorying in their shame.
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coughed up an ounce of blood and had a blood-streaked sputum
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is developed in the blood, the percentage varying according
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being capacitated to give such advice as will, if followed, keep the lungs from be-
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AxosPONGiUM (aks-o-^pun'je-um). The mesh-work structure com-
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with which they have been combined, this base being avail-
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a right hemiplegia. An interesting feature was the fact that
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James Clabk, Bart, M.D., F.R.S.. Physician in Ordm. to the Queen.
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re, and oul o ■■•-. infectious diseases, in connection with lung,
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convulsions, and in most there had been hysteria previously. In very few was
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action in eating, drinking or otherwise, allow the system to become diseased, they
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Dr. Stevenson follows with a note as to the colouring matt^
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of any of the usual definite abdominal lesions, or when the
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exhibit the severest fonn of the disease, but even here excep-
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5. The interval of heating differs very much in its duration, and the
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Abt. III. — Miscellaneous Contributions to the Study of Pathology. By Jomr
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to eight or ten days. In some relaxed constitutions there is occasionally not more
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appear, and the baby would drop off into a quiet sleep. This
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been for ten years the district physician of a part of Iceland
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confined); about 300 deaths occarred between July and October. 27o details
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First: The more important methods of investigating renal
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mitral stenosis, and both have some cardiac enlargement, so