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VI. — Ninth Annual Report op the Board of Managers of

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must add, that mercury thus administered offers us a

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taken charge of and carried to the amphitheatre o± the

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case just described the blood effusion had no relation to men-

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vical resistance was then overcome by the pressure ex-

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period of time the spores, under favorable conditions and circum-

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any further examination. After this he was not exposed

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and bronchial catarrh. Furthermore, despite the gravity

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of Paris ; Knapp of Heidelburg, and Boeck of Christi-

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again in Paris, very feeble in his third examination (com-

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day. Fever does not usually, therefore, range high enough or

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ginia. Baltimore: Geo. Lycett, publishers, 35 Charles

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plete ; it cannot increase itself, therefor its effects

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1. That the generative apparatus of both sexes must

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Upon motion of Dr. Hovey the Association adjourned, to meet

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The sight of this eye continued good until the opa-

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In certain cases where iron is indicated, I order a mixture

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present, these unfortunate and credulous damsels are

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other revellents, we may derive from the encephalic

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seau was already the mother of two sons, one of whom

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judge. The fourth effort, BEAC, was deemed a failure.

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Virchow's theory of suppuration, consequently, which

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Plan of Organization of the District Associations relating to the

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tion of the American Institute, and was ready to supply the com-