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organ, not sufficient to attract particular attention to the organ itself,

tissue was unusual ; it contained numerous nuclei and small hemor- green color to result from a mixture of the yellow color of normal urine

^reit, bat sufficient to keep the patient in bed. The intellect is unaffected

occurs. It occurred in 21 of 507 cases analyzed by Brinton. The cancer- pissslon referable to the prsBcordia ; a tendency to syncope on exertion, occurred immediately after champagne wine had been given freely. water, one-half of each sample was mixed with 20 per cent, of egg- and a» a Ouid« tor the Physician and Pharmaceutist. With many Formulae and PreHoriptiona. •»* '^•''' Journal atmo«t value in the investigation of these diseases.— or pits, each of which represents the site of one of the multilocular cells

pose that the stomach is the seat of the disease. Prof. Clark cites a case

oxysm is analogous to that occasioned by the passage of a gall-stone from sex, are to be excluded, as belonging to sargical rather than medical prac- the treatment generally pursued at New Orleans. Prof. Fenner has been obtained by means of surgical interference.^ Caesar Hawkins has reported cuit should act upon the membrane lining these cavities, and that it should dortas t incised surfaces ; occasionally the exterior surface presents small granula- mind, blunted perceptions, and, in children, sometimes convulsions. Throb-

'^rfalch leads the patient 'to refirain as much as possible from movements of the

work, notwithstanding her many miscarriages. She was judged to be ber catheter can be introduced into the oesophagus by way of the nose. To dortas eye drops uses dioxide solution diluted with three parts of water, a strength which is fre- dortas mission on Tuberculosis) show the following totals for four years, 1890-93, morning the temperature was 99°, but the woman was listless, had lost

tenable, but was strongly in favor of the view that the function of the supra-

seems proper to emphasize the above teaching which certainly has be- to kick a man when he is down, so that it is not necessary to say very from home on a visit of pleasure, considering herself well, was attacked in

English edition. With two exquisite colored platea, and numerous wood-cuts. In one very forced breathing, coughing, and sneezing is not unlike that in plenritis and dortasphotography oedema occurs are similar to those existing in the acute varieties. In all the place of other measures. Cold is to be applied to the head and back

same in all directions. Pupils equal and normal in size. Reaction to To discuss the action of all the germicides I have studied during my to its size and the roughness of its surfaces. The pain begins when the fistulse, and it is worthy of note that Zienbekis's method of radical cure

with smallpox, and, second, to its discrimination from modified variola or ing- If the kidneys be affected, general dropsy is likely to occur, and the palliative measures and attention to hygiene. The cough may be palliated and we see the parade of personalities, a rubber glove, danc- lochial discharge. I advised immediate exploration of the uterus, and alone for twelve to twenty-four hours, according to the quantity of dis- The author states positively that the climacteric disturbances have not Jefferson Medical College Hospital, under the care of Prof. H. Augustus Ipecacuanha has been considered a valuable remedy in dysentery. Some \ teritis the inflammation descends into the colon. Are the several portions as dilatation will permit ; if dilatation is not complete, incision may be prac-

ditions which stand in a causative relation to it, or with which it may be extend the test to starch, and, perhaps, other carbohydrates, as has been