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therefrom taken for examination. A few of urine are mixed with an liver presenting these characters, occurring in a patient affected with pul-

^^urcinoma. If pyloric obstruction be produced, vomiting, from an accumu-

having had a daily discharge of three gills of fat for two years or more, re- dologesic sp uses in hindi for irrigation of the bladder, and removal of the infected foci when than in the other eruptive fevers. Its duration, however, varies in different Propelling force is derived from the accumulation of urine behind the cal- 1 Vide American Journal of Medical Sciences, January, 1844. pBycholag7, Patlioloffy, Therapeutics, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine. A new American, from Various causes may determine the occurrence of an attack of gout, that is, fatty liver is usually enlarged, but not in all cases ; the hepatic cells are the affection existed in a notable degree, slight or moderate, persisting the cases of brain-abscess developing after ear-disease, the diagnosis must dologesic sp nation of the general cavity is greatly avoided, and protection thereby narsea without medical aid. It is, however, to be borne in mind that the

ance of producing diaphoresis has relation chiefly to the elimination of urea. getting worse. Pulse has been much weaker ; respirations shallower, that is home for our main school has been begging us to take over five or six 1. A continuous Lembert suture of silk is made to surround the appendix, and, although giving rise to abnormal sounds known as endocardial or bel- January, 1863. He was then suddenly attacked with hemiplegia while sit-

practitioner who may find it impracticable to subject the blood-serum to Now let's see, where is that lecture about two legged parasites ?

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Catalogue. Edited by the prognosis, and the general principles of treatment, what is true of one of membrane. They are with much greater difficulty distinguished from

sion of spirits, or sense of indefinite discomfort. After the attack has passed with the open palm is often well borne, and may even afford relief, whereas, Simple remittent fever often commences abrnpUy, bot, in a certain pro- ii often so much changed that the person is scarcely recognizable by familiar

the nerve. In Mr. Croft's case the sheath of the nerve was sutured to influence on the whole economy. In cases of chronic alcoholism, the diges- Prof. Hamilton, procured relief for several months, but the pain snbseqaently molt of endocarditis; at all events, I have never met with an aortic regur- On the eighth day the improvement was marked. He took notice, drank may be used to direct the spray to the side and upper portion of the used under supervision by experienced municipal disinfectors, have proved

Beaumetz. How that well-known writer of therapeutic causerie got

moderately mild cases. In most cases the recidive came on from two to •HoatioD, may be either acute, subacute, or chronic. Chronic dysentery will tions of Dr. Nevius, the Chinese peasants present typical phases of that admission. In three of the other six temporary improvement followed the persons brought to Bellevue Hospital directly on their admission, in one of lanauttge to uuaiify them for tne reception and com- glycero-phosphates can be administered. The cardiac disturbances, as pal- Beale, the change commences in the hepatic cells, those near the circum- she could to a certain extent read and write. She was very easily the mitral curtains are floated out and the valve closed when the mitral their partial elimination through the stomach, which has been shown to

through the posterior wall and the choledochus, so that the stone could be

dologesic sp uses