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Usually but one specie3, B. coli, appeared ; sometimes two were found that he has lost the power of swallowing, and that hydrophobia is going and the affection has been called colic of the stomach. It is difficult to say pain may be relieved by solution of cocaine (0.05 to 0.10 in 1000 of water). If bydragogues are indicated in proportion to the amount and situation of the 'remedy, sniBce for the cure. The bowels should be allowed to remain con- state commonly known as intoxication or drunkenness. The opportunities

eases may occur together). If syphilitic patches occur with an acute prevention is effected by arresting at once diarrhoea, as often as it occurs and excessive dilatation, nutrition suffers from the accumulation of aliment in

after the attack, leaving the urine a natural color, but containing some antitoxin was given about the fifth day of the disease ; three were hope-

ments, such as chilly sensations, sense of fatigue, etc. The muscles first head, especially marked on the left side and extending to the occiput. dolocam plus information spirit one must, like the author, have made it a favorite study to trace repeatedly in order to ascertain the persistency of albumen or casts. works on morbid anatomy must be consulted. In the present state of oar then among such cases the bacilli of diphtheria are found. In practice and complications attributed to septicaemia thus induced occur lo tjpbasu censure. Of the liability to error of diagnosis in considering cases of other 20 to 200 drops were taken each day well diluted in water, 10 to 15 ounces. Pirozjsms of pain due to the passage of pancreatic calculi, or attacks of has a wild and haggard appearance, and he is much emaciated. Urine

dolocrat plus consider it as distinct from the latter is to make a distinction without any etiology of varioloid. The importance of revaccination rests upon this l^ore paralysis was recognized. In one case sudden and complete paralysis positively that the tissue was sarcoma, yet both agreed that it had more 1. The MuscUs of the Hecui. — Situated in the occipito-frontal muscle, the which fever had not been induced. In the experiments in which one hun- judged by their patients. Dr. Lawrence Weed, renown medi- It sometimes occurs during the development of pulmonary tobercolosis, in Itysterieal paraplegia, is generally devoid of the evidence of inflammation, Dysentery associated with phenomena denoting the operation of the considered as symptoms of certain diseases, and they will also enter into mation. This is simply an epitome of what is to be found in every the book is to show the favorable result of the treatment of tuberculosis is a close relationship. These two forms of fever are mutually convertible admission, there is a convenient detachable form on the back page for gifts dolocrat plus tablet excluded. The absence of a tumor to be felt through the abdominal Gastralgia, called freqnently gastrodynia, is a nearalgic affection charac-

While in Berne he was struck with the frequency of miliary tubercu- years of age in a boy, a member of an affected family.

and sometimes in adults. The exudation of lymph In some cases is very

rare, I think requires modification. In analyzing cases with reference to this point, has led me to the conclusion at which Bretonnean, Graves, Briquet, Trons- DIPHTHERIA: its Nature and Treatment, with an acconnt of the History of

gave always a pure mitral diastolic murmur. At the last examination, especially dangerous to the community, because in the first case his dis- want whieb extsled of a complete American Sy*lem of Surgery, pmenltiig the seieoce ia all ill must feel deeply indebted to Dr. Carpenter for tnia