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very improbable. The great incidence of the disease among hospital
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found in northern South America, Panama, and the Yucatan
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the smallpox vesicle. This depends on the two changes in the periphery
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may be found in the mucous membrane and in septicemic lesions of the
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experiments point in that direction, but without the decisive test,
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of passive specific protection by means of immunising serum has also
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at an early stage of the disease, and (2) to inject a sufficient dose of anti-
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chested ; complexion, dark ; tubercular antecedents. Was called
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side by a two-story stone building, all of which is devoted to
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frequently. If coagulation of the plasma occurs within 3 hours,
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This bacillus is of little or no pathogenic significance, but is
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the fauces or elsewhere, this form of the disease in children may be
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trifida) is rare in the East Central States and in New England,
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chronic, the monkeys resemble cretins, and become dull of intellect,
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solution to bring the total volumes to 10 ml (9.9 ml to
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cases, to return inevitably with the next movement of the bowels."