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results. While citv life is not desirable, if children are given

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of obtaining summer work in general practice or in pathology during

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Dr. Sangster — I have no objection to repeating what I have now said to-morrow

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tion brought out and furbished for special occasions, but an ideal

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sion to hospital he suffered a second "slight shock" which, however, did

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feeling of ignorance when they attempt to read some of the scientific papers

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cold weather that the temperature of the bedroom is maintained

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are constantly replacing those that are destroyed and cast aside ;

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safer to be, say, six months behind the times. In fact, the up-to-date

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Psychological Association, The Boston Society of Psychiatry and

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for recent events was poor. Later she gave evidence of auditory hallucinations,

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* Read at the April meeting of Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society, 191 1.

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cently arisen as to the difference between a mental complex and

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in the infinitesimal doses in which they are found, are capable of

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attitude of disposing of the building for the last four years. I am very glad I am not

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diligence or shiftlessness, the interest or indifference of man-

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interest in things and would talk but little on subjects which did not per-

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and to the disability which it entails there develops a retraction

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ganglion cells, generally among the large pyramidals of Amnion's

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coccus, with some tubercle bacilli present. In this case the wife and sister

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associated with this matter for a long time ; and if he goes on this committee, and gives his

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voting, while I think it is within their right, I look upon it as unfortunate. I am personally

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slept for almost two days, after which he appeared quite dull. He however

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or both? Has she latent that which can be transformed into

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Fortunately, all of these conditions which militate against

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superior in that every advantage is given the contestants so that they can

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seemed well, therefore, to establish for this series the extent to

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much in size, and many have large central vacuoles but none are

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liminary treatment there comes first a period of strict diet with 75