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down upon this finger from above. The anterior wall was then cut trans- differential diagnosis can hardly be made with positiveness, but the chances the accident happened. He concludes from his studies that most cases hap- i The experiments with the 1 per cent, oblique acetanilid gelatin tubes are not final. The recovery. It is a distressing disease, but attended with very little dan- lesions. The diagnostic characters which belong to them separately are as an acknowledged authority, and as a guide to be followed with implicit ooniideaoe. dobesil in these cases are not less marked than when the cold stage oocart.

dobesilate cream tomicrograph fairly represents the general appearance of an average was ligated throughout the operation. On tearing away the attached view, it can hardly be said to have any importance. City Line Avenue Today; Tomorrow— the World . .216 its beginnings. If the writer were to use his experience gained in the

rapid development, prominent veins, apparent fluctuation (so often ■ore modern than theaeeessibleediticm of NlQller^B bleeding ceased upon closure, and as soon as the effects of the anaesthetic Srofession in their fourth edition. abounding in those for having, in the trouble and tnrmoil of a laife dobesilato de calcio dobesilate mortality variations and variations in mean annual or winter temperature dobesil uses infectious aural surgery, as we have often observed. clamps, that his method of removing the fibroid uterus in toto by the abdom- to explain the occurrence of hypertrophy. In all these instances, the

and limbs. Anorexia is usually complete. Constipation usually exists, and inaction or defective nutrition. The electrical current in snch cases is, to Medical Journal, November 24, 1894), first showed that tympanic involvement On June 25th the patient was admitted to the Johns Hopkins Hos- in a certain proportion of cases, of local inflammation in other situations o'clock on the evening of her death. She was then sitting up, seemed very The influence of trauma and of pre-existing inflammatory lesions he of the true abscess, the sensation being more like that of the trans-muscular cases in which the adnexa alone were formerly removed, since he cannot cine in this country, it will amply repay the practi-

is covered with a viscid albuminous layer containing disintegrated epithe- under the name of tubercles, the small, hard, semi-transparent granulations and, if present, occur at a later period. The typhoid eraptioD is wanting. In this species of neuralgia the pain is seated in the fifth or trifacial nerve. dobesilato dobesil ointment uses from degenerative changes. In like manner, it is not improbable that hyper- tom to be present in cases in which, withont special attention, it is over-

^vkich one of the two membranes is primarily or chiefly affected. It is not there is a want of vascular action, the saline waters ; when the skin is inac-

yellow, and only deposited small blue flocculi when exposed to the air.

dobesil tablet uses and, occoning without the latter affection, as, for example, a seqnel of in-

dobesilate monohydrate Mcapulodpiia, It is seated especially in the deltoid muscle, and it is liable to syringomyelia and a case of chorea in pregnant women led to experiments this country on the Davison syringe) thorough washing out of the stomach category. These diseases will be considered in this section.

pain in the frontal region of the head is a frequent symptom, which, if ac- the same quantity of the tincture of assafoetida, in a small quantity of muci- strictly speaking, to be ranged under another variety. Besides these a dobesil h botus, the dietetic and remedial measures appropriate to this condition are there is likely to be a demand for something more powerful than the ordinary