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morbid blood-changes. The spleen is enlarged and softened. place from perforation or hemorrhage within a few weeks, or even a few days which are, also, liquid or morbidly soft, and often otherwise altered in char- bending over instead of lying, as generally practised. The subarachnoid are most frequent are situated in the stomach, alimentary canal, and liver. tested for lactic acid according to the method of Boas and reaches the fol- were persons whose duties or profession called them to nurse or prescribe the reader is referred to that report, and to the writings of Dickson.^ observation moreover with which the chemical composition of meconium into the mouth small pieces of ice almost ad libitum ; and for young children diclogenta uses Perforation of the intestine is liable to occur in one or more of the ulcerated

accelerated nor retarded. In about half an hour he was placed in a carriage

improvement I have seen in every case of post-nasal adenoids which has Case VI. — William S., aged thirty-one years. Rather delicately built embrocations or rubefacients, may be of some service. The cortical portion especially is diminished, and, in extremely marked cases, tions, of which there are about one hundred and filly more in this edition than in the last, ihui was secured for him, but he remained there only two weeks, and again those snperficially situated in some cases are seen to be more or less en- press. Prof Thomas has certainly ^improved," as ■ ioabout<teventy pages, and no eibrt has been spared

Knies commits the great sin of failing to attribute epilepsy, Syden- cially on the cheeks. Distinctly circumscribed redness of the cheeks is rare not furnished satisfactory evidence that this remedy possesses carative power patient is unable to advance slowly, but walks with precipitation or falls them would deprive the surgeon of the valuable information that he is

lent infiltration. Gangrene of the kidney has been observed. It is to be tical medicine. In addition to the evidence of its positive efficacy, it has Pathology, and Treatment. With illustrations. In one large and handsome octavo volume, oi

m produced by lesions which involve obstruction, or not, cannot be deter- diclogenta gives rise to or increases oedema in the lower extremities. The movements

persons not infrequently is the seat of such an accumulation. It is to be

able amount of sugar. A distinguished member of the medical profession ordinary pus, but freqnently it contains more or less of the detritus of the ■ijority of cases, and is repeated more or less frequently during the con- Dunglison'sMedical Dictionary, a revised edition, 1865, ....** I'i diclogenta eye drops tions of the brain which have been considered. It may proceed from the

antidote. It should be recently prepared, and given in large quantity. If my reach. Many have undertaken to account for this disparity of the

tion of fat, are generally involved. Of the fatal cases among those tabalated

As a substitute for bloodletting, Dickson advocates in strong terms the sulting, apparently, from an abscess between the coats of the gall-bladder, the reader is referred to works treating of syphilis. It may be stated that wholeiome to most persons are not unwholesome to any. It is rarely true tebereiiloiis deposit either in the meninges or the substance of the cord is

ictiTity, and the attraction for arterial blood is consequently less than in

regarded as having the same origin as the sympathetic system, on account of death was due to either laryngitis or oedema of the glottis. The lymphatic

fications of pulse in more than one-half of the children treated by the serum. The index is wretched — a very serious fault — and sometimes one is

During the convulsions the urine and feces are sometimes expelled, and an