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salutary eflVct in retarding the excretion and ultimately en

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"Heaven;" that she was the " Queen of Glory," " Christ,"

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them, and cannot fail, by the suggestions which they make and

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being made in every part of metal, and of the highest quality.

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We learn from our Indian correspondents that M. Haffkine,

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languages (most of them dislike them and have no aptitude for them),

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was 20.4 per 1,000, and exceeded by 1.3 the rate recorded in London,

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Surgeon-Major G. M. J. Giles. M.B., bengal Establishment. Medical

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of loops of small intestine loaded with retained contents.

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I send served in the Abys-inian campaign from December. 1867. to June,

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came tainted, while of 35 cases voluntarily or otherwise ex-

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Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. By Dr. J. D. Mann. London ; Charles

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unconnected with any drain, and discharged its contents

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(1) among the coils of small intestine in the right iliac fossa ;

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it not that strong evidence has also been brought on the

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under the most advantageous circumstances, requiring tlie

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applied. On the evening of the third day there was a smart

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the hands after preliminary washingwith soap and water should be one

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If, however, time be no serious object, and if adhesions

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and telegrams has \ery greatly increased the strain upon

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the number increased to r{,:u2, or I7s more than at the end of 1891. This

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vomiciB existed in the lung ; these vomicae might have been

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request of the defendant he also attended Mr. Fletcher, jun. Mr. Cottoti

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speedily put a stop to them, and revert to the old rates, not