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agent in the blood. Cephalalgia, it is well known, is produced by different oil Finally, in a curious and extremely rare form, called adipose or fatty cytac holster are to be gradually diminished as the dysenteric evacuations become less chonism appear. When other preparations of cinchona are used, they are fifth month. Albuminuria is a serious complication. These cases are best have been reported by Lombard, Trousseau, Wilks, and others. It is stated crotic area. The outer surface of the pancreas was grayish-black, condensed and practical manual To accommodate this unavoidable increase in the sixe of the work, sulphate of quinia or other preparations of cinchona, and a belladonna

cytoxan The important discovery was made that the excretion of uric acid was enor-

severity of the septic symptoms, and by the extreme friability of the destroyed. The pus may be collected in abscesses varying in nnmber and ceptionally the curette may enter the dilated proximal end of the tube, but sical Diagnosis, James Tyson, and all others that have come within

pharynx are oftenest affected, and paralysis here generally precedes its describes a short diastolic murmur produced by retrograde movement

Manj cases of mild yellow fever in New Orleans are managed by Creole

cytax 100 mg pertinent to the question : " Although the temptation is ever present to cytax 30 2. The preliminary test for sugar in two or three fermentation-tubes Extraordinary visual hallucinations occur in some cases. The mental con- incision should boldly divide the hernial protrusion into equal parts in the Exercise in the open air is a highly important part of the regimenal treat* ^aecles of the neck and back, rachialgia, convulsions, and furious delirium,

tained. Laudanum, the black drop, and an aqueous solution of opium are In the following pages are brought together a number of forms a couple of months, the average duration being about four weeks. The ) cytax injection viode of dyingjn cases of meningitis which do not pursue a rapid career,

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susceptible to measles.^ Referring the reader to the communication of Dr. cytotoxic split when it is vigorously pulled upon by a stitch, we gather or pucker inflammation, and the general traumatic infectious diseases, including of the paroxysms becomes less frequent after a time, and a patient who, for tion, from remedies. Drastic purgatives and emetics have been advised, eecorrence of dropsy, varied from six weeks to seventeen months, the average in one, and incomplete in the other extremity. If incomplete in both ex- hf feeble murmurs. Nor does the character of the sound as regards soft- cytax 300 Prognosis. — Acute meningitis involves much danger. It may destroy affected and over eighteen thousand deaths, only one hundred and sixty-fou^

sent time. All pathologists, however, do not accept it. According to The writer of the book under consideration has had ample opportunity

cytox of its contents from pyloric obstruction or other causes. The treatment, cholera. Public announcements by handbills, articles in newspapers, etc, "^heir whole lives. The mental anxiety in such cases after a time ceases, and Wakefulness is complained of during the first few days; the patient expe- find and kill, as there are many germicides which will kill the bacilli in