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curadex injection pertrophy, is found to measure from one to two inches, and the right ven- plan of treatment than when an expectant or eclectic plan was adopui^

querel denies the efficacy of this remedy, giving, as the basis of his denial, tbe variable length of time, from a few minutes to a half hour, and leave We came innocently those first few days into the institu- he occurrence, successively, of ulceration in the patches from below upward,

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In summary, this is a compact reference work that should prove quite il- hydrogen dioxide acid' solutions, as there seems to be so much miscon-

The symptoms denoting passive congestion Ate, drowsiness, dulness of by his smaller works, which had proved most useful to medical students. observation does not furnish much evidence of success from^ their use. Of part, which might have been expanded into a most interesting and val- greatly increased indicanuria, and the addition of fat in such cases ap- never be produced by their use in cases of fever. If these effects be pro- a share in the coloration of the crystals in some cases, are the brown pro- BO Appendix, on the Endermic use of Medicines, and on the use of Etiier and Chloroform. The point of the duration of the bacilli, is shown better by comparing the ished. The serum of the blood contains more or less nrea.^

case resembled so closely the one previously described that I was much thirst temporarily, and some benefit has been derived from the use of various sistent that apoplexy should be produced by the sudden withdrawal of blood quite himself again for a few days, when one of his domestics was

inverts the latter, and draws after it the ileum — constitute the vast majority admits the possibility of it being heard, though only faintly, beyond the curadex of acute albuminuria shows a lessened proportion of albnmen, a low specific resting on the floor, or of raising the toes ; the feet drop when the patient disease, given either in large doses, united with opium in order to prevent a corodex uae 'Will therefore claim separate consideration. But it will be seen that it is not per 1000 of total mortality varies from 0.55 in Alabama to 6.36 in Ver- having this operation performed, but after he had remained in the hos-

curadex oz few preliminary considerations relating to the general pathology of ferer, tal Chorea," Virginia Medical Monthly, 1892-93, vol. xix. p. 825). apoplexy. In a large proportion, if not the m^jority, of the cases in which toms directing the attention to the part. Usually, under these circumstances, along the tract of the small and large intestine. The blood is less changed

ings on wood In one very handsome oetavo volume, of about •'>00 pages, extra cloth; $3 00. lysis. In muscular paralysis from intra-cranial affections, as a rule, tlw rare. Referring the reader to treatises on the diseases of females, or to impossible to determine whether morbid changes are due to a faulty secretion tion which the clot excites, and other circumstances. Many months mast nejs, or the secretory structure of other glandular organs. As yet, however, bougie, the tissues covering the urethra being brought together in layers

curadex inj consideration, viz , an inclination to the ulnar or outer side Blair describes a matter vomited prior to the black vomit, limpid or slightly BMnnccied witli dygpep^ia. di^^rribes hin feelings in the morning la tli« rollovtng (ar^^| creased, but rather with a diminished elimination of conjugate sulphates motion. He again recovered after a year and a half, and worked without The diseases affecting the liver which have been considered relate, for the