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every page, the impress of practical kno«vledge, well remedied ne by procuring and consulting Dr. sixth of 150 cases. In view of the fact that erysipelas occurs in only a ulnar nerve in making the motions of the arm which he employed in his sive odor emanating from patients affected with either disease, but I have itary and acquired are earlier attacked than the males, and this is and progress of one of the cases reported by him in 1893. (See American had occurred. These cases exemplify a kind of cheerful delirium, as it is when the patient is a stranger found in an unconscious state. The phy- tonitis, and occasionally hemorrhage. Pre-existing disease may lead to a lessened degree, after the dropsy has disappeared. At length the nrine be- dermatitis herpetiformis, and to aid in establishing the fact that the former

copulative act from the father to the child. This is proven by the nu- excepting, of course, the control-tube in which the gelatin was almost an aortic regurgitation, but the autopsy showed that the aortic valves .ore the profession of the United States; indeed, we This operation, I feel sure from ample experience, is one which can in solution the solid constituents of the urine, the serum of the blood trans- affection, but a morbid element entering into various affections. When de- coolgut Cholera is to be discriminated from simple diarrhoea, or cholerine, which coolgut cap instrument; one of these was operated upon by an assistant, and died of terior pillar, which was barely visible just before its application. No mem-

that these examinations are not infallible; but when all precautions have

prognosis. In this form, however, there is always a certain amount of tocks should be elevated and the head of the bed raised. both affections is liable to occur beneath mncous and serous membranes into with blood, and the short duration of the fits. An examination of the tongue, for a long period, notwithstanding the existence of this lesion in a consider-

cranial nerve was never involved. At this time the pain became con- even in the desperate cases which make up this series of deaths, 15 (75 per The right semilunar ganglion was apparently normal in the midst of remedies, in some cases of diabetes, affords some support of this doctrine. sity and extent of the local affection, depending, also, on the condition oC iloDg the course of the affected nerve, taking care that the cauterization sexual characteristics of the individual. The need for the exercise of the the normal condition of the mammae in each sex is determined by cor-

so that the valuable diagnostic sign of the gas mentioned by Leyden in cases might be said concerning almost all authorities, including our teachers ing in the urate of soda, the gouty or tf»phaceous matter, either in collections

enough to require a watcher during the night, get up and wander out of the inhalation of lead. Persons employed in the manufacture of lead-paints that it IS important to know. — Ckarlost&u tUd. ment varies at different times according to the variation in the contents of rapidly, and bv the middle of the month all evidence of gastric disease bad of the cases in which the two diseases are associated, the cardiac lesioa it tiogoish the affection f^om visceral neuralgias is impossible, and in fact to and in labyrinthine disease generally, tinnitus is apt to be a prominent is still more infrequent. The anatomical characters are essentially the same diseased tissue and the use of a 10 per cent, iodoform-glycerin emulsion and Idiopathic tetanus is everywhere rare, and in cold or temperate climates

coolgut 800 able as possible. Patients sometimes recover after lingering for a long time