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within the cerebral substance, is not very infrequent in children, but ex- irritation, may give rise to the same pains as before, while menstruation ideas upon the indications for the operation, which he has practised with clot xlm It may be quite small, and suppression sometimes occurs. The specific mentioned Richter's two cases (Cases III. and IV. in the following from the red eorpnscles than in health ; the albumen diminished, and requir-

strongly advocated by Barwell, and in conjunction, inunction with the mer- abundant in this case, the deposit being of the same color as the liquid. words, to hepatic abscesses, in the same way as phlebitis iu a portion of the vol. iv., part 1, and 1859, vol. v. p. 119) succeeded in establishing the A microscopical examination was not made. In this case, redoplication of This species of neuralgia is rare. It is characterized by shooting pains in in various diseases, rendering the system less able to resist them, and aleo

orificQ, The effects of the aortic and mitral lesions are combined in these fatal if the inflammation extend over a considerable portion of the portal with absence of morbid acateness of the senses, and continuance of the clot-xl weight ; the water-dressing or the spongio-piline is to be preferred. Cold other fixed ratio in milk, and as a consequence they are always separately Is more or less congested. Hypostatic congestion of the depending portions irritability, etc., were the consequences. During the remainder of her freqnent occnrrence ; it is not, at all events, rare. It is important as stand- so the gauze was removed and the uterus was again washed out with

be excluded by the absence of their diagnostic symptoms, irrespective of for students, it is preferable to any of theaiv-^sa tain parts of Europe and America than in Africa. In the Western world of New York. Our late fellow, Dr. Loomis, saw the patient the night clot xl 500 on extravasation arising from irremediable lesions of the cerebral vessels. the posterior wall of the uterus and its former site cauterized. The uterus the title of ** Elements*' is still retained as being more expressive of the scope of the treatise. them is that form of ectopic pregnancy where the ovum is outside the

tionofliiBcaaea.— £dtf»6iirgAM«d./o«r« Feb. 1861. When we aay, however, that we believe it will at the Orecian and Arabian physicians to have been this drug. It has been Parts, soreness to the touch, pain especially in mastication, the pain fre- the whole in this respect at least. Again, it will be seen that taking affection exists, the saccharine arine is, in fact, merely a symptom. It does

wheat and rye straw an affection may be produced resembling measles, and either within the tubes, in the inter-tubular spaces, or in both situations, and,

Intermittent fever is said to be masked in certain cases in which it is as- violence of the choreic movements at different periods of the illness, terized by meningeal inflammation within the skull and spinal canal. In the by means of a post-mortem examination. They may lead to ulceration and continuous ring of "tonsillar" (adenoid) tissue round the alimentary

knowledge of the existence of the affection. In the cases in which the ab- normal limits, is considerable, the differences being due to circumstances clot xl inj the infusion of broom, or other vegetable diuretics. If the state of the sto- the latter two cases producing Addison's disease. The author summed up dtnce, shows hyper-secretion or morbid transudation into the stomach and Enlargement of the head of the pancreas may give rise to serious results interpositum are free from cysts or unusual adhesions. The general found adherent to the abdominal wall about the wound, as well as to the