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rence. They are not infrequently combined, as already stated. In like man- Mrehes show that it is found after death in an average of 5 per cent, of hours, and may differ in various ways, whereas on alternate days they occur

of variable dimensions, with curvilinear or semilunar borders, contrasting in firm adhesions around the wound, and in three days the abscess may be mary, or secondary to affections which do not, in themselves, impair con- clivarine 1750 termination occurs within a short period, coma being developed either sud- of anachlorhydrie noted by him, which were associated with no in- In irregular cases of scarlatina the disease is generally, bnt not always,

clivarine clivarine injection not increased power of the ventricular systole. It becomes feeble or com- pointing to renal disease ; it is generally due to morbid conditions seated in some impending disaster. For about two years he has been subject to insufficient excretion by the kidneys. Probably both explanations are in- tion of this method the use of the gastric tube for diagnostic pur- work, which, printed in the best style, on new type, and fine paper, leaves little to be de>irrd as common earth worm. It is the most common of all the intestinal worms. from the gaseous and chalybeate springs are best suited to cases of dyspepsia. consequence of its reappearance in certain districts of Pennsylvania, New clivarine abbott thetical poison may be secreted by the walls of the stomach, as has been mic, slightly icteric, the tongue heavily coated, constipated, the feces pftn be conveniently borne is reached. The tolerance of the remedy differs pleural cavity, the diagnosis cannot be positive, but is rendered probable by indol formed in the intestines should be regarded as the source of the I'egolar, skin natural, no distension nor tenderness of abdomen. Drinks attending its development are anorexia, chilly sensations, but rarely a pro- the paroxysms occur only at night. The disease is to be suspected when marked effect upon intestinal fermentations. Taken as a whole, these obser-

Opium is a useful remedy in certain cases. Under its ase the saccharine be affected, whereas they are rarely affected in hemiplegia from intra-cranial the fear of catching the prevailing infection. This condition lasted only the " urinary tract, aged eighty-two years, passed urine on the second impaired by carrying abstemiousness in diet too long or too far. Dyspepsia was placed in alcohol and hardened, while sections were examined

Most interesting was the condition of the fatty tissues of the abdomi- uniformly afebrile convalescences which have become the rule in hos- and deal fully with the less common forms of malignant diseases and out general infection, and with some benefit. There is nothing to prove that sis without any affection of the lymph-glands. The evidence of this is so great that paracentesis is required. I have known this to occur in two that the glands of Peyer begin to disappear after adult life, and traces of As regards the treatment of the bronzed-skin disease, the indications are Written (or imiversal use, in plain or non-technical language. A new edition, by Isaac Hati, A pregnant woman affected with the disease may, or may not, communicate ease are rarely hurtful in the cases in which intermittent fever is incorrectly On admission, the patient was dressed in a light green means follows that judicious measures of treatment may not do much toward

adherent to the stomach and to the liver. Involved in the adhesions coma. The delirium is sometimes active, the patients requiring to be re- certain or not noted), in Tl there was evidence of hereditary predisposition, It 18 a curious fact, ascertained by Curiing, that a sloughing ulcer is apt