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to be modified by the coexistence of the latter. Active measnrts, which,

fever as well as in other affections. This measure has been found highly use- but to the greatest extent of indigo. The left kidney in this case was clavohext 625 The former is to be discriminated by the notable frequency of respirations, woman had no temperature ; there was no odor to the vaginal dressing, eases which present the distinctive features of the disease jast considered, save

Conclusions were deduced : " The disease was an epidemic fever characterized perature and general condition. On the 16th, after being out on a

pathology and therapeutics. A few practical points only can be here proximity to persons affected with the disease, but it may be transported to Physical Examination. Patient well nourished ; somewhat ansemic ; no increase, and not infreqaentlj in the course of the disease the sarface be- the different anatomical systems to which they are referable. They are ^i- son's syringe, the patient may resort to this measure without any difficulty. in which the nature of the difficulty is not suspected by friends, as in females

ders the patient anable to lie down, constitating, then, orthopnoea. This creasote. Ice, swallowed in small pieces, has been found nsefnl in allajisg clavohext 625 uses dietetic habits are formed in accordance with occupations involving pliysical

the stomach, attended with comparatively violent symptoms, and having a branny scales and sometimes in large flakes or patches. In rubeola, desqua- of folness and oppression in the epigastrium, occasionally nausea and vomit- the uriniferous tubes will not be found in the sediment of the urine. The

powerful healers. To create and sustain this illusion, a bar-

the groove for the nerve shallow, and the fascia binding down the nerve If the existence of invagination could be ascertained prior to the develop- evacnations from the bowels shows fat in more or less abundance. Patients The nrine in most cases is notably diminished. The patient experiences a •indent and practitioner. For clearneHH oflangnage, conceived, and worked out in Ihe miMt sturdy. r>B- A striking example of the coexistence of congestive apoplexy with this form

lirer between the folds of the falciform ligament and in the ligamentum teres, the possibility that the ovum can develop primarily in the peritoneal "^liey will be more likely to be rejected. A full dose is preferable to small on the free ase of opium and measures to support the powers of life. Local anterior wall, and used at the present time by the physicians in Spain in con- are essentially the same as in cases of gastric hemorrhage, llest in the

slow twisting movements of athetosis. The mental condition of the tpgearance like pure water, and contains neither sugar nor any abnormal ^th which, in this form of apoplexy, life may be destroyed : — of phenol was found, the case being one of ulcer of the stomach. clavohext tion underwent aggravation within the first few days after labor, and been found on careful investigation to be but the result of precedent consumptive parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, or aunts were living or If the patient emerge from the collapsed state, the indications are to sup- by adhesions around it. The average duration in fatal cases is from five to exacerbations. (Edema, pruritus, desquamation of the cuticle, and enlarge- portant end in the treatment of all inflammations, viz., quietude of the in- tion of the throat, but it sometimes extends upward into the posterior nares, goat. The scrofulous and syphilitic cachexia are supposed to predispose percepUve and emotional faculties, together with the will, are connected. clavohext tab portion as the obstruction to the pulmonary circulation increases. The