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peritonitis, is most common in the young. More than 50 per cent, of

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adhesions, the peritonitis following perforation may be rigidly localised.

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buttocks, and long hair ; three of the lion, the Itatelinefs, the

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The adult male European in tropical countries is the principal victim

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posture) and the end of the tube is connected to the collecting

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Hyperpyrexial, comatose, convulsive, and paralytic attacks. — It occasion-

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milk, and fatty food should be given freely, and a small amount of carbo-

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course of a case indicates clearly its nervous origin.

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be replaced in such a manner that the articular surface is again directed

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considered carefully. As a matter of fact the abscess should be treated

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it is very distressing to the patient. Ordinarily the number of respirations

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with a 10 per cent, solution of cocaine. Some also reco mme nd a final