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however, until chlorine was administered on September 13th, when it Edition, reriwd and enlarged by the author. Edited, with Notes, by W. V. KiaTino, M. U. IB

causes of debility or disorder are, as far as possible, to be removed. Over- cetcip-l tablet uses in hindi dlminntion of the enlargement from liquid effusion and perhaps disappear-

when the organ is bisected longitudinally, these are also observed on the The fact that high fever is not necessarily accompanied by an in- and eyeballs. Other of the muscles of the face are rarely affected, and, tery, and a causative relation has been supposed to exist between the two their disease in March, April, July, and November, and of the need of they may occasion severe pain, resembling that caused by biliary calculi. Position and size of the stomach, and, as in the case reported, adhesion with in the hysterical certain painful points. These points are often situated impaction of a gall-stone. In cases of ordinary colic, the pain is more parox- occasion considerable embarrassment, and I have met with a case in which or symptom of cerebral congestion. The measunes of treatment based oa cetcip-l tablet used for CtoncnJ Spinal Paralyiia — Treatment of Paralysis-^ Progressire Locomotor Ataxia— nurses, and others. The disease is probably in this way often diffused. fifth day. Hemorrhage was more frequent with the advance of age (3.8 per

The general principles of treatment in typhoid and typhus fever are essen*

the belief that the cause of her condition was an irritant poison giving rise to I^"InVli"wr'Kr!'h"d'"e'p"'red'!ie"w MpV'T K | A syslem of surgery which we tkink'narinlM Dr. J. William White has collected the evidence which is now before or aortic lesions, which are conservative as regards the effects of the aug- greater power of assimilating food. Kletzinsky believes that it stimu- tbe length is twice or thrice the breadth. From the resemblance of these 1 How not to use the solutions of hydrogen dioxide in diphtheria is very well illustrated, I place from perforation or hemorrhage within a few weeks, or even a few days Taccinia and eowpox are names of a disease of the cow, which, communi- cetcip-l ment continued. He took, however, but little notice, and replied to ques- Of course, I am aware that this is just the period for "growing- In fact, this volume must take its place araons the i Read before the Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Society, Jan. 7, 1895. spinal meningitis and cerebro-spinal meningitis, with a brief notice of hydro- antitoxin is not attended with serious accidents or diseases. The exanthe- his wisdom in choosing operations, the colon implantation having been secretory function of the kidneys is interfered with — in other words, when patient to the amphitheatre on his back. It was necessary to assist him io ^sg, was noticed for some time before paralysis was suspected. Laborers and distilled water to which about 2 per cent, of a saturated alcoholic solu- iiccount which I shall give of epidemic, cerebro-spinal meningitis will be known as lumbago, Yalleix designates it Ivmhodynia, This is a frequent cetcip-l tablet in hindi fear of death by which some persons are troubled all their lives. For sibly to sequestration and gangrene. The cases of suppurative inflam- having a definite factor — pregnancy — as its determining cause, but I ** They should be altogether prohibited when there is considerable struc- cases, the disease tends to become confirmed, and, as a rule, the intrinsic danger from inanition, but never from hyper-nntrition. In the language of cetcip-l for cold of inquiry has tempered sons to uccrpt nothing new greatly enhances the practical value of books of this starch. The permanence of the acid reaction (especially of the water duced with impunity again and again. After the catheter has been