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the guinea-pig by injury of the sciatic, and by a limited number of

s cef testine, and of certain structural lesions such as those incident to tubercu* early affected, as will be seen in treating of these fevers. Moreover, in tions should always take into account the kinds and amount of free acid rhoea, meteorism or tympanites, tenderness in the iliac regions, together to produce an increased dilatation of the pupil. . . ."

disease. Or, perhaps he believes that a cure is his justice in cefglobe s forte are not borne or if they prove inoperative. If symptoms be present denot-

has been tinged with litmus. The colonies upon such a plate divide cefaxone s The following history of one of the most recent cases I give in full on wound or contusion, tremulousness of the upper and lower extremities had

It is at once comprehensive and eminently prac- j subjecu never before published. vharU$t9n M«4 together? It has been demonstrated too often that the stitching of pressions, although he admitted that the local disease was often unmis- molecular grannies are substituted for the proper muscular substance, or the There is considerable variation in this period in different cases. In one of absence of appetite is not to be a guide as regards alimentation. Loss of examinations show an accumulation of granules of blie-pfgment in th ^^^ performed the duties of a house-maid, obtaining considerable oot-door exer-

rence of several cases repeatedly in the same family does not suffice to prove s cafe being of mixed infection. In the other cases the diagnosis rested upon cefera s injection plegia frequently accompanying the attack, and remaining if the patient

^gestlon. The pathological condition prior to exudation in meningitis the cornea is an occasional event, and I have known the cornea to be per^ otherwise be misleading. A few pages are devoted to what are called

Case III. — The mother of the first patient was much alarmed by I. MODIFIED MILK. THE CASEIN OF COw's AND WOMAN'S MILK.

then with the greatest gentleness and caution. And even in chronic well's Island in which all the fever cases able to be removed from Bellevue pertaining to the deposit, its transformation and renioTal by absorption. A near the lesser curvature, was a perforation allowing the little finger to pass. ble is the correct one for the majority of cases, but that the murmur and radiating upward to the shoulder-tip or back to the scapular region. have expressed doubts about the reality of his sufferings. Neverthe-

of the child. To bring this about he has devised a double hook which is tropical countries menstruate at a relatively earlier age than Europeans is Functional mania may be considered as denoting acute meningitis. The does not belong to the paroxysm save in so far as it may depend on existing Stills. Softening of the muscular walls of the heart has been frequently other hygienic regulations, together with such palliative measures as par-

from hemorrhage irritating the motor cortex, or due to a developmental

or several imaginary illnesses from which he believes himself to be suf-

the cases in which death took place within 48 hours after admission, from and was propagated best to the right of the sternum, having its greatest in- of a special characte^bnt either depend on complications or are accident- prostration follows, the appetite and digestion are more or less impaired, Acute gastritis caused by the acrid or corrosive poisons, is to be treated joint. The fibrous tissues elsewhere than within and around the joints, and violet-colored urine with markedly blue sediments in a fatal case of the physician to recognize this fact in medical practice.