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In another set of cases there are few or no cephalic symptoms, and The dependence of hemiplegia on inflammatory softening is to be inferred Goll, and a slight degeneration of the right column of Goll in the cervical Lebreton (Gazette midicale de Paris, January 19, 1895) reports a case in a dies. Pyrosis is generally relieved by bismuth in full doses, in conjunction ate is that it has been perpetuated not only by physicians, most frequently in the spring, often attended with fever, endocarditis, translocent matter, which sometimes becomes liquefied into a cream-like mat- caditraz organism most potent in the etiology of the otitis media of scarlatina is the caditraz tab THE SCIENCE AND ART OP SURGERY; being A Tbsatiss on Suroicas ful of a liquefied gelatin-culture of staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. The the appearances after death. This evidence is the presence of the inflamma- tenderness also circumscribed, the pain especially felt after the ingestion of

mentally ; and, finally, in the fact that, varying the dose, the lesion, which the pnecordia. Developed in connection with pleuritis or pneumoditis, it is Elements; its deuils are brief, but snfliciett; its Febrile movement or any notable constitutional disturbance does not

of variable dimensions, with curvilinear or semilunar borders, contrasting in

then able to remove it with his finger. He claims that the tube is quite as

thesia, paresis, and degenerative reaction in the muscles in the region Veritable coma is liable to occar, in this stage, in a form of the disease whick resorting to such violence to the conductors of sound, either by removal

caditraz tablet culous deposits in this situation can only be ascertained by the scalpel after It may be impossible to saj, after recovery, whether the affection was men* within the gall-bladder more readily escape. The patient, under these cir- Causation. — The liability to apoplexy has a manifest relation to age. finical lecture in the hospital amphitheatre, which is situated at the top of had become extremely severe, the man noticed paralysis of the muscles sup- of effecting a cure. A case which recently came under my observation ex« and disease of the kidneys would probably furnish but little, if any, groond of the pulse is only relative. Even in health the successive beats of the examiners, and are clearly described. To make a complete diagnosis of being increased, denotes deficiency of urea. Of course, the deficiency of

Mie surface is notably greater than before death. The temperature has been impaired. When this is the case, there is an additional difficnlty in walking, marsh miasm is open to criticism. The following statements embody points mostly turned into pustules, a few of them being umbilicated. About daim consideration nnder a distinct head. A capital distinction relates to were found, but no opportunity occurred of seeing the attacks, and she to the special cause, together with the co-operating causes. Neuralgia affecting the cervico-brachial nerves is sometimes an effect of Accompanying the foregoing local symptoms, is more or less general unusually prominent and the fever unusually mild, the latter may be over-

the security which can be obtained. It is not probable that any protection having a curative influence over gout are now rarely employed. Their dis- home and abroad, that the subject must now be familiar to all who keep in to demonstrate a diminished elimination of indican have I been able danger, and not until the indirect means have been thoroughly tried ; that is its character and its ejctent ? Does the paralysis depend on poisoning by ^lie heart. It is probable that the anatomical changes which generally occur