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I must confess that I consider them superfluous if the measures

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at the same time it induces him to abandon them vol

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up to the present time its importance has not been under

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career with a view of making money. I have never known a

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complained of severe palpitation on walking or any other exertion. All the above

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discretion in the personal examination of probably insane patients. Ob

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nal a similar manuscript or any abstract thereof must not be or

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ulcers of the colon caused by amebas and from two of the several

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The mucous membrane was partially inflamed. The ulcerations in

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front and pain extended down the arm in the direction ot the nerves.

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angular splint is preferable in all cases with the exception of fractures

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and in his conversation he showed remarkable familiarity

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and lancing of the anus in certain cases of chronic gas

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days the stenosis was found to be again impermeable. The passage