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pints of sterilised salt solution introduced into the rectum, or, by means of the
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fore, are the means of doing infinitely more barm than good. Besides,
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show that the cause of the disease is a specific one. He took pieces of
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the antitoxin. The presence of preformed tetanus antitoxin in the spinal
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greatly increased ; that the vascular excitement is of the sthenic kind,
practice of vaccination had become general, variola was a very common
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Viscera. — The viscera are early affected by syphilis, and Dr. Coutts
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experiments of Wassermann and Takaki (1898), who found that tetanus
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made to take several eggs, and a drachm of sulphuret of potass (which
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grains ot the balsam, so that the dose can be measured with great ease ; Ibey dissolve readily is thi
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line in the intermediary cartilage, sometimes with separation of the epi-
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necessary. When the guillotine is used it will greatly assist the surgeon
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to that of other waters, known by experience to possess decided benefi-
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were taken from the arm, and fifteen drops of laurel water administered
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contraction of an orbicularis, exhibiting an effort at winking. The
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cold extremities, most profuse coid pers|)irntion, the whole of the bed-
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Localised Abnormal Temperature. — A localised abnormality of temperature
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Angiomata. — Several varieties of angiomata are met with on the tongue, the