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rectum. When this occurs I know of no remedy better than the tur-

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importance what the Council called its Regulations so long as

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experiment on the SeVer.fh, and in another on the ninth day.

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the Lord Advocate did not decide on a prosecution his reasons

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Indian opium exclusively are used in the Indian Army, and largely in

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ity, also palpitation on exertion, sighing, and yawning.

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Street, with its graceful curve and its slope towards the river.

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to the Aberdeen General Dispensary, r!ce J. F. Ruxton, M.B.. CM

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arteries are permeable and the blood-supply to the skin normal, draw-

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The only new precedent created at this session is that it is

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in their way 45 years ago, would comply with the require-

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by perhaps the weightiest of their own ordinary supporters-

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distinction between typhus and typhoid is that neither of those dis-

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The dependence of the entire train of symptoms of Graves' disease,

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Mental disturbances are also common, consisting of a loss of con-

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mutton chops without bone, or boiled ham; one or two eggs.

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meeting be held at Towcester on October .'ilh, and that a com-

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pensing of poisons. The decision in the Wheeldon csise as

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tnken any nourishment for some days pievious-ly, as they

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Ijortant degree to our knowledge of the process of sugar formation

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and probably not a secondary growth to the original tumour.

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annual meeting will be held at the hospital, Swansea, on Wednesday,

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that compensation had been granted to the other official.

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the Crystal Palace, with Mr. J. S. Turner in the chair.

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In chronic gastritis vomiting is very frequent, but more intermitteat.

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conjoint diploma on the strength of lectures that were never

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* I lind that Addison himself uses this very expression in his original memoir,

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articles now appearing in the British Medical Joubnal on

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are involved. These begin with a hyperplasia, implicating the glands

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writings upon the subject Of asthenopia is therein presented,

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which greatly disfigure the face. Their essentially tuberculous nature

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medical officers at the refusal of the Government to assist

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