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Chronic Osteomyelitis can not be differentiated from chronic perios-
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pulsate and have a distinct hrm'L Mediastinal tumors, mediastinal ab-
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the bones are not broken at the same level, it is the result of in-
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extension of a pharyngeal inflammation in those who constantly use the
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easy introduction of three fingers. Annular (ring-like) stenosis is far more
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among them of the pupils of the school so improved the moral tone of the institu-
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end of the nerve dies and degeneration of the proximal end takes place
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than the exception, recurring rigors are common, the fever increases
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Microscopical Structure. — The microscopical structure of a sarcoma
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will save life when all other eiforts are futile. The posterior nares
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The turpentine is an active antiseptic but is too irritating to be used on
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piration, and secondarily induce a passive hyperaemia in other organs. The
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In peri nephritic abscess neither j)us, blood, mucus, epithelia nor albu-
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an acid reaction, and is said to contain free nuclei and cells which have
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ciated with the immoderate use of alcoholic stimulants, or is secondary to
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of the tongue and mouth, by inflammation of the Eustachian tubes, by
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Gouty phlebitis occurs in those with hereditary gouty tendencies ; the
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those who visited the Klondike. The pathology of the affection is the
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cardium. — Neuroses. — Hydropericardium. — Pneumohydropericardium. —
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great service in limiting their formation ; the va})or of iodine, muriate
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epidemics the death rate markedly diminishes. Hence, the period as well
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is an affection occurring chiefly in voting women. The knee- and hip-
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will be found in the faeces, or in the folds at the margin of the anus. A
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The disease is the result of certain lesions affecting the bladder, or ob-
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in size daily, and is quite tender to pressure. The appearance of the })atient
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air, and physical exercise which must never be sufficient to cause dyspnoea
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methods is more readily and certainly accomplished in the former than
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a puffy tumor. The blood may coagulate, afterward liquefaction may
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